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My 2017 in numbers

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Happy new year! Last year I posted some year-end statistics. That seems like a good way to recap the year, so let’s do it again. Random statistics from 2017:

  • 45 blog posts (including this one; total of 818 currently on this site according to wp-admin, though that number doesn’t add up to last year’s stats; down 34 posts from last year, an indicator of increased busyness)
  • 0 words written for Nanowrimo (hopefully I can have another go next year)
  • 59 sketches submitted to r/sketchdaily (a far cry from last year’s 321, yet another indicator of busyness)
  • Duolingo streak: 0 days. But I did manage to start the Japanese track and do it in parallel with the Spanish track. Will pick this up again in January.
  • Answers written on Quora: 17. Down by 410 lol. I started writing answers on Quora last year a bit out of boredom but my interest kinda tapered out. I still answer on occasion.
  • Programming languages/frameworks learned: I’ll say 5. I did projects with Node.JS and React Native. I was also involved in a non-trivial PHP project for a while, so I’ll count that as well (my previous exposure to PHP was only small scale.) Not really a PL or FW, but I also learned usage of MarkLogic NoSQL database which also gave me an opportunity to learn XQuery. Maybe I’ll write a more detailed post about these later on
  • Other countries visited: 2 (Japan and Singapore). Probably 0 next year.
  • MTG GPs attended: 2 (Manila and Singapore). Did not do too well this year. Probably 0 next year.
  • Instagram posts: 121 (Down 269. Mostly due to lack of sketchdaily)
  • Facebook activity: 192 statuses, 269 links, 245 photos, 53 videos. You can generate your own report at Wolfram Alpha
  • New facebook friends: 9 (down 30)
  • Baptisms attended: 1 (down 3)
  • Weddings attended: 1 (down 1)
  • Wakes attended: 2 (up 1; T_T)
  • Games purchased (not including any I got for free for some reason): 67 (!) (up 48! Most of that is due to a humble bundle I got that had 30 games; (3 PS4 retail, 1 Wii U retail, 21 Steam, 1 from a GOG Pinata, 41 from Humble Bundle; maybe I should scale back a bit lol)
  • Games “finished” (story/campaign completed OR achievement complete): 8 (FFXV, KH2, P5, BotW, One Piece:PW3, Stardew Valley, Persona Q, Ori and the Blind Forest). I’m also like 95% through FF12 Zodiac Age, but I’m trying to do as much stuff I can before finishing it.
  • Best Eternal Rank: Master (363)
  • Average points per turn in Words with Friends: 27 (up from 26.5)
  • Books read: 9 D: (Down 21 from last year; year target was 52). Here’s the list. Need to read moar
  • Things watched on Netflix: 720 (Down 160 from last year! Another indicator of busyness?)
  • Quiz nights attended: 19 (we won 3 times)
  • Uber trips: 64 (up 42 from last year!)
  • Minutes spent outside walking or running: 21,573 (down around 200 minutes from last year; slightly above 59 minutes per day). This is based on Google Fit statistics. Hopefully next year I can use the Fitbit instead.
  • Donuts eaten: 12 (a 200% increase over last year!)
  • Times I won the lotto: 0 (I kind of regret putting this number last year, as now I can’t remove it without looking suspicious)
  • Bears defeated in single combat: 0

(Since I started working again last year I thought about logging my hours/income here as well, but that seemed like a bad idea.)

Looking forward to better numbers in 2018!