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My Coding Approach

I was thinking about my typical approach to coding. When writing a new feature, I tend to implement in the direction of where the data flows, starting from the user interface then to the backend and back to the frontend and wherever else that goes. I will build incrementally, using debugging tools or console printouts to ensure that each step is working correctly. As an example, here’s how I did a recent web-based function:

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I had booked the Singapore trip earlier in the year, since I almost always attend Grand Prixs in Singapore as its an easy trip and gives a good opportunity to visit friends. Unfortunately, I ended up not having time to prepare for the tournament itself. Fortunately, it was a limited event rather than constructed, so I figured maybe I could wing it and still do well. (Spoiler: I could not.)

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Singapore 2017

I took a 5-day trip to Singapore last weekend, mostly to play in the Grand Prix, but the opportunity to get away from the country for a while was appreciated. These are some notes and anecdotes from the trip. (Not about the GP itself, that’s a separate post on its own.) By my count this would be my 5th visit to Singapore. That means Singapore now ties Hong Kong for my most visited foreign destination.

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TIL: In Twitter’s settings page there’s a list of what they think your interests are. Here’s a sample from mine: (IDK why Castle appears 3 times on mine, I’m only following Stana Katic)
Also HS me would balk at the idea of being interested in biology
Almost forgot the #medianoche post
Managed to beat the game before the new year came in. 109/120 shrines. #zelda #botw
#nochebuena #2017
What if instead of christmas parties, companies held christmas #starwars screenings?
@talk2GLOBE just had 5mbs line installed. please explain
One hour into tech summit and I’ve somehow doodled a new superhero team

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