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THOR RAGNAROK spoiler-free review:

  • a fun, action-packed romp that shakes up the Thor status quo significantly
  • easily the best of the three Thor movies
  • a number plot points are fairly predictable, yet still fun
  • the Marvel formula is generally action mixed with witty banter here and there, and it's what we get here, although some of the jokes feel like they're stretched a bit too much
  • some great-looking cinematic scenes here and there. One particular flashback scene looked really great
  • I kind of like how the older franchises need to be some sort of team effort nowadays. Like Civil War, this felt a bit like some kind of mini-Avengers crossover -- in space!
  • speaking of space, one of the positive things about this installment is that they didn't feel the need to tie Thor's adventures to Earth anymore (not that the movie is 100% Earth-free), and they get to go a bit wild with space and aliens and all that
  • I understand the need to highlight Hulk's involvement as part of the film's marketing, but man, it would have been so awesome to just find out right then and there
  • This movie had that Star Wars: Last Jedi trailer I was trying to avoid D:
  • 1 mid-credits scene and 1 post-credits scene
  • I think Imax was good for this movie. The 3d wasn't too much and it definitely made some scenes pop. The film is a visual delight so I think the larger screen is important too
  • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Probably not. Maybe I should stop including this section kasi parang same na parati ang answer. Unless for some reason I decide to watch some Tagalog romcom
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Arthur Abon said...

Please keep the last part Roy . It is a measuring stick I use to gauge what to watch if we are a complete family.


On that note. Napanood mo na ba yung bago nina Piolo and Toni?