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Spider-man Homecoming Spoiler-free review:

  • This movie is amazing. Possibly best in all MCU so far. It's fun, it's exciting, unexpected things happened. Maybe not watching the trailers helped lol
  • Covers a lot of ground the previous Spider-man movies didn't. Helped along by not needing to rehash the origin story for the Nth time
  • Lots of great call outs for the comic book fans
  • I was worried about the Vulture, but it was handled very well. Keaton is great here.
  • This movie is tightly coupled to the MCU yo. IDK how they're going to handle it if Sony breaks it off after the two-movie deal. By they I mean Sony. Obviously MCU can just ignore him forever afterwards.
  • TBH I was also really worried about the MCU coupling and having too much Iron Man in the movie, but it turned out okay. Maybe could have had a little bit less Tony Stark.
  • IMAX? Probably not worth it.
  • there's a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene.
  • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama? Possibly! There's some shaky cam footage near the start that can be a bit nauseating though
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Thought this was the most authentic Spider Man yet... looks and acts like a teen... and he is like Spidey