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First, the spoiler-free summary (spoilers after this part):

  • overall a very entertaining movie to sit down and watch popcorn and to enjoy the jokes and the space battles and the different colored lights and the tiny adorable tree creature
  • GOTG's humor was one of its strong points and for the 2nd movie, they push the comedy up a notch, perhaps a little too much in some places. Lots of funny gags and one-liners
  • I felt like some of the character/background development stuff was pushed a bit too hard as well
  • the movie's plot also felt a bit thin and straightforward. I mean, you could see some of the major plot points coming a mile away. Maybe from the trailers even
  • Star Lord was ok. Gamora/Nebula felt poorly written. Rocket was a bit annoying. Drax and Mantis were ok, although the space they have for Mantis' character overlaps with Drax a bit. I'm still not super happy with how Drax and Gamora are characterized in the MCU.
  • I'm less happy with this movie's soundtrack compared to the first one
  • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Certainly not. In fact, she chose to derp around the mall instead of coming with me and my cousin to watch.
  • IMAX or not: Some visuals used the 3d effect, but nothing too exaggerated or critical. I'd say IMAX optional, but it definitely adds something to some scenes.
  • There are five extra scenes near the credits (one of them is right before the credits roll, so I can't really say "post-credit" screens). Most of them are just setting the tone for the inevitable GOTG3
  • Additionally, just pay attention to the background of the credits roll as well, it's great
  • While I felt the movie was ok, it's kind of just more of the same of what we got with the first movie, which felt a lot stronger overall

Spoilers follow:

  • It would have been silly to expect Ego the Living Planet to have his Marvel comics appearance of a planet with a face, but guess what, we actually got it!
  • Stallone as Starhawk and Yondu being officially a member of the "original Guardians" team was great. Oh and apparently Michael Rosenbaum was Martinex!
  • The Stan Lee cameo here was really meant to push the "Stan Lee has been playing the same character in all his cameos" narrative
  • Giving Peter a Zune was a cruel joke on Microsoft's expense, but sets us up for more music (maybe from later decades even!)Β for the 3rd movie
  • Lots of random other Marvel fan-service cameo appearances too: Watchers, Cosmo, Howard the Duck, and I'm sure I missed/forgot quite a lot more


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Jaime L. Garcia said...

I remember trying to figure out who did the end credits roll. I'm certain I read the company name they outsourced it to, but I forgot the name and can't find it online. Kudos to them!