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A couple of years ago, two friends and I were being tourists in Barcelona. With its wide, spacious streets and strangely uniform city blocks, we walked around a lot. During one of our tourist days, we decided to eat someĀ _paella_Ā on the way back to our AirBNB. Who comes to Barcelona and doesn’t eatĀ paella right? We ended up walking for quite a while. Every time we came upon a new restaurant that servedĀ paella we would consider the price and the restaurant and would think, hey maybe we can find somewhere better or cheaper further along the way.

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Review: Final Fantasy XV

With The FFXIII trilogy not being particularly well-received and FFXIV being an MMO, Final Fantasy XV has been a long awaited as the next mainline single-player game in the much-acclaimed series. This review will have minor spoilers. Story FFXV follows the story of Noctis, prince of Lucis and his band of brothers (okay they’re not really brothers, but they might as well be). They’re supposed to be on a road trip to get Noctis married, but things happen along the way and eventuallyĀ they haveĀ to figure out how to liberate their homeland from The Evil Empire.

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Back in 2004, I signed up for the Google Code JamĀ for the first time. Unfortunately I didn’t make it past the qualifying round. I was a bit luckier in 2008 and 2010, making it to round 2 both times. In fact in 2008 as I recall I was one of only two participants from the Philippines who made it to round 2, which allowed me to jokingly brag about being the #2 programmer in the country.

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The Dance of the Possible: the mostly honest completely irreverent guide to creativity by Scott Berkun My rating: 4 of 5 stars Scott Berkun’s latest book is short but pretty sweet. Irreverent and insightful, a great read for anyone looking to jump into creative endeavors! View all my reviews
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Scary Movies and Games

I’m not a fan of scary movies. I don’t appreciate the idea of paying money to get surprised by jump scares or whatever. Back when I was a kid I remember my dad watching a Betamax copy ofĀ The GateĀ back home and me and my younger brother were watching with him and the movie seriously creeped me out. There was this one scene where a demonic eye manifested on the lead kid’s palm and that scene stuck with me for a while.

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Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn My rating: 4 of 5 stars I realize that the Thrawn trilogy is no longer canon, what with The Force Awakens and all. But I remember reading an interview with Zahn in Inquest Magazine a lifetime ago and how his trilogy was one of the best parts of the extended universe so when I found a used copy I picked it up. The story is pretty good, taking place 5 years after Jedi, and explores what happens to the galaxy and the efforts of the Empire remnants to mount a comeback.

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Recently, a developer needed to undergo a tech interview at US immigration:[]1 This may surprise some people I’ve worked with, but I didn’t have formal computer science training in school.Ā I’m not actually a computer science major. Yet I’ve worked as a software developer for more than a decade now. Literally zero times have I needed to write a sorting function or balance a BST. I have a rudimentary understanding of some sorting algorithms (mostly just bubble sort and selection sort), and I have some idea of how to balance a BST.

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Sony 4K HDR Bravia X8000D

4k XLocal tech blog YugaTech is doing a giveaway of a Sony X8000D Bravia 4K TV. To be honest I wasn’t sure about using this blog to participate in a promo, but I was already in the market for a new TV since our living room TV is already starting to have some problems. I checked out the product features of the Sony X8000D Bravia on their website. Some of the features stood out for me specifically:

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Planning / Reacting / Relaxing

At any point in time, what you are doing can be grouped into one of four buckets: Planning Executing a plan Reacting to something Relaxing (leisure time) Overthinkers tend to do too much of #1. The most efficient people probably spend most of their time in #2. People whose lives are chaotic do too much of #3. Almost all people don’tĀ get enough #4. (I might be doing too much of #4~)
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I’ve been hesitant to try Python 3.x because it’s not backward compatible with Python 2.x which I’ve been using for scripting since forever. But recently I found out that since Python 3.3, they’ve included a launcher in the Windows versionĀ that supports having both versions installed. You can use the launcher to specify the Python version to use at the command line (it defaults to whichever version was installed first):

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Google maps right now
Bacon breakfast!
Why is there no Nier on the Steam Store in SEA? =/
Back to the Future x Jetsons x Flintstones #sketchdaily #procreate
Piranha plant #sketchdaily #procreate
Books and covers #sketchdaily #paperbyfiftythree
I might be done with Stardew Valley. Game was great, but getting the last few achievements would be too grindy for me
Ye olde magic shoppe #sketchdaily #paperbyfiftythree #MTG
Swamp frog #sketchdaily #paperbyfiftythree
Some kid #sketchdaily #paperbyfiftythree
2nd place at #popquiz #hungrymeeples (and random pickup of classic dc crossover)
18 #sketchdaily #dragonballz
Opened a couple of #mtg fat packs because I wanted red and blue boxes. Cc @switchfollows @aleksfelipe
Not a fan of these new #MTG fat pack boxes but at least now I have one per color
Buti pa yung defense secretary may saysay
Alien tourists were encouraged to prank the locals #sketchdaily #paperbyfiftythree
Scott Berkun on ideas
Scott Berkun on ideas
Meatball Sandwich #sketchdaily #paperbyfiftythree
Trying to debate with certain people
Factory #sketchdaily
Grilled ham and cheese for lunch
Wilma #sketchdaily
A bunch of quick sketches to catch up with my #sketchdaily backlog
A bunch of quick sketches to catch up with my #sketchdaily backlog
A bunch of quick sketches to catch up with my #sketchdaily backlog
A bunch of quick sketches to catch up with my #sketchdaily backlog
A bunch of quick sketches to catch up with my #sketchdaily backlog
A bunch of quick sketches to catch up with my #sketchdaily backlog
Some kind of possum having coffee for some reason #sketchdaily

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