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  • Boxes

    We put people into boxes because it is convenient. It’s easier for our mental model of the world to say to yourself things like “This guy works with computers, maybe he can tell me how to fix my printer.” or “This person is from [school] and they are very arrogant.” or “You’re from [country]? You guys do [that country’s thing] right?” or “This person is a supporter of [politician] so he must support all the things that politician does, even the things I hate.

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  • Weekend Project: Twitter Trivia Bot

    I had been meaning to try writing a Twitter bot for a while now. I figured a trivia bot would be pretty easy to implement, so I spent some time a couple of weekends to rig one together. It’s (mostly) working now, the bot is active as triviastorm on Twitter, with a supporting webapp deployed on The bot tweets out a trivia question once every hour. It will then award points to the first five people who gave the correct answer.

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  • Write Smarter, Not Harder

    There’s this well-known idea that it takes ten thousand hours of practice to become an expert in something. But of course, it has to be ten thousand meaningful hours of practice. Meaningful here means that you are actually learning something from your practice. If you are repeating the same hour ten thousand times, that’s not worth very much. Instead, we should be actively learning while we practice. This means identifying our weak points and learning how we can improve.

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  • What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell My rating: 4 of 5 stars I don’t even know when I started reading this, I’ve had a bookmark in it for maybe three or four years now. It’s a collection of Gladwell’s articles from the New Yorker, so that’s to be expected - not exactly designed to be consumed all in one sitting. The book is Gladwell’s usual mix of anecdotes spun into pop psychology and meant to make you ask questions or suggest some insight about this or that.

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  • Review: Duelyst

    After Hearthstone, I tried out a couple of other digital CCGs: Spellweaver and Eternal, but neither one hooked me. The one I enjoyed the most and did pick up to play regularly was Duelyst. So this review is written from the perspective of someone who has played both Magic the Gathering (MTG) and Hearthstone (HS). Hearthstone, Spellweaver and Eternal played like digital MTG with some advantages, as I outlined in the HS post linked above.

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  • Integrating Open Source Libraries

    There are a few things that one should consider when using and integrating an open source library into your application: What are the licensing terms for the library? There are some liberal licenses that mostly let you do anything you want. The MIT license is an example of a very permissive license. Other licenses may provide a number of restrictions. Can you integrate with closed-source software? Can you distribute binaries without the source?

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  • War

    As of today, our country (The #Blessed Republic of the Philippines) is already at war with: Drugs Illegal gambling Communist rebels Some other things we might consider declaring war on (in no particular order): Poverty Ignorance Misinformation (sorry, “Alternative facts”) Abusive government officials Traffic Rights abuses Pollution High power rates Political dynasties Poor quality of local cinema offerings Politicians putting their names everywhere Internet trolls and bullies Lack of critical thinking Redundancy Overtime without overtime pay Government officials blatantly lying or pulling statistics out of thin air Slow and expensive internet The MRT breaking down Cruelty to animals Poor quality of local anti-piracy ads Jejespeak SMS spam Typhoons Taxis that don’t give exact change War Irony Spoilers Pineapples on pizza Poor grammar and/or spelling Hashtags Hypocrisy Multi-level marketing Working at “Edi sa puso mo” Redundancy Low effort blog posts that start out serious but end up trying a bit too hard to be funny People who don’t understand sarcasm People who stand in malls and shove fliers in your face Commenting on posts without reading the actual article Lists that end abruptly at weird numbers so you’re not sure if there’s more or what
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  • Back when I was starting out as a software developer, webapps weren’t really a thing. Not as much as they are now anyway. My company provided training to new hires, but I didn’t get any web development training at the time, even though they already had a few web development projects in play at the time. Instead my initial training involved mostly development of so-called client-server software. This was software that was installed and run on the client machine but they would connect to a remote database server.

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  • Gaming Walkthroughs

    Old gamer rants follow. Gaming has changed a lot over the years. For one thing, there’s the internet now. If you got stuck in a game, you just head on over to GameFAQs or some other site and someone on the message boards will tell you how to get unstuck. Or you can even watch Youtube videos on how to do it! (Side note: I dislike having to watch Youtube videos to figure stuff out.

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  • Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman My rating: 5 of 5 stars Some of these are creepy af, but this is my second Gaiman short story collection so I mostly knew what to expect. The man is a master at putting together words though. I could only aspire to be so good. View all my reviews
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  • So after so many months of development you deployed your webapp to production and it’s up and running and everything is fine and you celebrate and your work is done right? Not really. Two days later you get an urgent support call in the middle of the night. (Your clients are halfway across the world.) They’re asking why the website is inaccessible. You check via your browser and sure enough there’s an error 500.

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