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DOCTOR STRANGE Spoiler-free review:

  • Wow. Great visuals and fight-scenes, very trippy. Possibly the best fight scenes in all the MCU movies so far. You might get dizzy with all the things spinning around though
  • Plot is typical of a MCU origin story. Hero's journey, some light comedy bits, etc.
  • I was expecting them to go a different way with Mordo (if you've read the comics you know what I mean), but I'm happy with how things went down
  • Stakes are high, but failure is not final
  • The actors were great; I haven't seen a lead this good for a role since RDJ's Tony Stark. Swinton's Ancient One, Eijofor's Mordo, and even Wong's Wong were great
  • Doctor friends: Tell me if the medical parts were BS hohoho
  • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Probably not. She doesn't like this kind of thing, and the dizziness thing is bad too
  • IMAX or not? I think the 3d parts weren't too exaggerated or critical, but the visuals might feel a bit flat and not as impressive if you don't go IMAX
  • Midcredits scene? Yes
  • Postcredits scene? Yes
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Augustine Yap said...

Wong's Wong was so Wong. But yes, I think the casting was perfect. Didn't like the fight scenes much though.


Didn't go IMAX, still impressed with visuals. Although one fight scene really felt like Inception. πŸ˜†

Dennis Lopez said...

Some of the medical parts were BS. 😁

Dennis Lopez said...

I kinda like the resolution too, which was a bit different, but then again...