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Survey: You are at a wedding, and your wedding gift is one of those chinese ampao envelopes with cash inside. When is the proper time to make abot the envelope to the couple?

Mon, Oct. 3, 2016, 1:04 p.m. / / notes / #survey / Syndicated: facebook / 💬 10

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Morris Tan said...

Any time. You can just approach them. Or wait for the games, or the per table pictorial. Or you can hand it over to either of their moms.

When you're about to leave. Minsan part ng ceremony na may basket ipapa-ikot. Pwede i-abot sa parents or sa coordinator dn. Pde during pictorial per table.

Lawrence Sia said...

anytime na may chance na maiabot ng personal sa groom / bride, don't forget to write your name :)

Issa Senga-Tang said...

during pictorial bago ka bumaba from the stage. :)

Erika Val Lim said...

anytime na maiabot sa groom/bride/ their parents

Roy Tang said...

I like how no one commented on my usage of "make abot"

Lorenz Ponce said...

That was going to be my comment. Kakabasa ko lang

I'm not that petty naman to make patol stuffs like that.

Before you leave if you're not going to finish the whole thing