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It Should Be Easy, Right?

In Tagalog: “Madali lang naman diba?" Probably one of the most annoying things a programmer can hear, especially from a client or a manager who has no appreciation of how complex software development is. It's presumptuous at best and actively damaging to schedule and morale at worst. We already know estimation is hard, there is no need to make it more complicated by automatically assuming the best-case scenario (or in many cases, an impossible scenario)

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Daily Habits

I've picked up quite a few daily habits since the start of the year. To name a few: I've been doing daily sketches, I've been going on a daily walking routine, learning Spanish on Duolingo, I have a quick stretching/exercise routine I do in the mornings, etc. (I'm also supposed to be writing daily, but this has proven more difficult to keep doing consistently… ) I like those daily habits that can be easily tracked with technology.

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“Composition over inheritance” is an object-oriented programming principle that I'm sad to say many devs I've encountered aren't too familiar with. Composition provides greater flexibility, modularity, and extensibility in large software systems as compared to inheritance, especially for statically typed languages like Java that don't support multiple inheritance The most common examples of the problems caused by too much inheritance involved generic object such as the game objects example in the wikipedia page linked above.

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Sometimes I write something and at the end I find that it upsets me. Or I think about something I haven't thought about in a long time just before I sleep, then I have a nightmare about it and it saddens me to think that my subconscious still hasn't let go of it after all this time That's a good thing though, right? One of the purpose of writing and introspection is to become more attuned to your inner thoughts and emotions, to better understand and work with your own self.

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Coding Frameworks

For the better part of my software development career so far, I've had the doubtful pleasure of being one of the devs using and maintaining our in-house web development framework. Framework coding is a bit different from the actual application development. At the core it's a simple idea: you have a whole bunch of code that helps do programming tasks that you expect will often be necessary in a certain set of projects, so you write that code with the intent of reusing it across multiple projects.

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Large Projects and Losing Focus

I'm kind of a serial project starter. I'm sure it's a very common thing. I'll often have random ideas for projects I could do, big or small. I'd have a dozen of them percolating in my head at any one time. And somewhere between four to five dozen scattered down in various documents, notepads and what not, waiting to be explored. (I literally have two such small post-it notes with 5 such items in front of me right now)

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The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman My rating: 5 of 5 stars Well, the book started off a bit slow, with the protag meandering about while the author did his worldbuilding and all, but the pace picked up quickly after the first third or so of the book; I finished the rest of it one sitting I don't see anything too Church-controversial yet, though I'm told it becomes more obvious by the third book.

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A Programmer's Hubris

“We will encourage you to develop the three great virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris.” — Larry Wall, Programming Perl (1st edition) Hubris is a fancier word for an excessive sense of pride. Why is this to be considered a great virtue for a programmer? Programming is at least partly an act of creation, which means there is an element of craftsmanship involved. A craftsman imbued with hubris is able to take pride in his work – he is driven to create work that is the best quality he can provide.

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Appearances and Diplomacy

(A bit of Philippine politics in this post, if that sort of thing bothers you) Recently as the whole world watched one of our political leaders display his expected lack of diplomatic finesse on the global stage, I couldn't help but think about how in my younger days there's a good chance I might have approved of his frank, straight-talking, shoot-from-the-hip brand of diplomacy. I have a bit of a reputation myself for preferring to speak frankly and directly instead of dancing around the issues, although these days I understand the wisdom of adapting to the situation as needed

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Trick or Treat #sketchdaily #inktober
Even monks listen to the radio #sketchdaily #inktober
Black Cat #sketchdaily #inktober
RT @godwin_anthony: Is this true @AyalaMalls @trinomatweets? Tsk.
Tracking #sketchdaily #inktober
I don't give a hoot #sketchdaily #inktober
Graveyard patrol #sketchdaily #inktober
And still the reigning Pop Quiz champion…
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Picasso #sketchdaily #inktober I shouldve done a Picasso Pikachu but too late now
Missing piece #sketchdaily #inktober
Squall #sketchdaily #inktober
Stuffy Doll #sketchdaily #inktober #mtg
Philippines and Japan decide to hold joint naval military exercises #sketchdaily #inktober
Today's agenda: stand the test of time #OneMoreTurn #Civilization6
“Those? Those are emblems of fallen empires that did not stand the test of time” #sketchdaily #inktober
Thanks Civ5, we had a good run. You and your ridiculous number of achievements
Totally not hyped about new Civ game coming out in approximately 1 day and 9 hours
Leaves in the wind #sketchdaily #inktober
Karaoke Night #sketchdaily #inktober
King Candy #sketchdaily #inktober
See, bow talaga! Jaime L. Garcia Christian Cheng Josiah Tendero Habana lol. Parang walang kneel!
Riding through the rain #sketchdaily #inktober
Nosferatu, a French game that's a bit like werewolf. Helpful French guy claims this game is not available in the Philippines
Dead of Winter
Flash Point
Turnip head #sketchdaily #inktober
Gambit #sketchdaily #inktober
Scared #sketchdaily #inktober
Konting tiis na lang!
Worrying #sketchdaily #inktober
Magic carpet ride #sketchdaily #inktober
Jump #sketchdaily #inktober
Say what you will about our elections, at least the candies didn't need to get involved
Broken #sketchdaily #inktober #onepunchman
Some link doodles (w bonus drawing from a 6yo) #sketchdaily #inktober
Random character doodles #sketchdaily #inktober
A quote from one of my favorite movies. Whenever the president complains about his critics and the EJK accusations I imagine him to be just like Colonel Jessup and he just wants to blurt out “You can't handle the truth!”
Banana kaiju #sketchdaily #inktober
Storm Cloud #sketchdaily #inktober
Army of darkness #sketchdaily #inktober
Mad scientist's laboratory #sketchdaily #inktober
More scary stuff. I wonder how many other things are happening that go unreported because the victims feel helpless
Dobby having cake #sketchdaily #inktober
“I wassss once a man!!”
Saw this going around on Twitter, but either the posts were deleted or were not made public. Can anyone confirm hearing about this stuff? Scary if true
To be absolutely fair, Cobra Commander never killed anyone
A pair of wandering mercenaries #sketchdaily #inktober

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