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Review: Stranger Things

So, Stranger Things

It’s true, it’s great. I thought it might be overhyped, but it’s not. And I can see why people find it hard to explain without spoiling things.

It’s about strange things happening in a small town. Creepy things. It’s a mystery. It’s suspense. It’s not a jump-scare sort of thing if you’re not into that. Well, there’s maybe a little bit of jump scares. The best description I’d say it’s about as scary as an X-Files or Doctor Who episode. So if that’s not too scary for you, you’ll be fine

It’s about a child who goes missing in a small town (not a spoiler) and the succeeding events. It’s about the mother searching for her son. It’s about a group of kids trying to solve a mystery. It’s about a small-town police chief in over his head. It’s about the 80s. It’s about kids in the 80s, music in the 80s, school in the 80s, small American towns in the 80s. It’s about outcasts and bullies and first times and trying to fit in and how they all deal with these stranger things

It’s like Stephen King wrote an episode of X-Files and it was directed by Stephen Spielberg starring the cast of Stand By Me. The acting is great too, especially the kids

Maybe minor spoilers follow

It’s kind of told in that weird True Detective way, with perspectives jumping around a lot among the ensemble cast. Past and present scenes are interspersed with only context to rely on

It keeps you hooked. I wanted to watch only a couple of episodes at first but ended up awake past three AM at episode six. I finished it the net morning

I love how the mystery unfolds to different parties and separately they uncover parts of it and they all come together in the end to force a resolution. I love how the characters overcome their horror-movie tropes. I love all the 80s references and the geeky references

I was satisfied with how it ended and all came together. I’m not sure what to expect for a second season though

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