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SUICIDE SQUAD Spoiler-Free Review:

  • a fun, wild ride. Explosions and gunfire and creepy tentacles abound
  • just don't expect too much from the plot or characterization. There was more than one scene where I was like WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?
  • I liked the soundtrack
  • very much a Deadshot/Harley movie, other characters not given much back story
  • I still like Ledger's joker over Leto's. Leto's portrayal is like crazy gangster
  • I had no idea who the big bad was going in, so that's something. Task Force X completely over their heads
  • hard to compare to the other DC movies so far, as it goes in a completely different direction
  • one mid-credits scene, no post-credits
  • magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Probably not. Also, madaming tatanungin
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Mykee Ocampo said...

Still a good movie. Hahaha.