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Some days you are tired

Some days you are tired Maybe you are tired of all the work You can't keep up with, it all piles up Of all the meetings and reports That come relentlessly without end Some days you are tired Maybe you are tired of all the time That you never have enough of Of all the deadlines and targets That you never meet but should've Some days you are tired Maybe you are tired of the world

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Estimation is hard. Estimation has long been the bane of many software developers and software development projects. But there are two secret ways to be able to produce perfect estimates for software development work all the time! One is dependent on talent, and the other is dependent on technology Psychic precognition, i.e. be able to predict the future Have a time machine, so you can go back in time and tell yourself how long the work would have taken Such precognition is necessary to have perfect estimates because of all the unknowns present at the start of a software project.

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The Things We Learn In School

When you're young and in school memorizing math formulas or history dates or whatnot, all of it seems so silly and you wonder if you're really going to be using all of this knowledge in real life. However, the intent of a general education program isn't specifically to give you knowledge that will be useful to you in the future (although it may turn out to be so) The stuff school teaches you – literature, mathematics, art, history, science, and so on – are intended to give you a broad enough base from which you can freely choose the direction you want to go in life.

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We Must Speak

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you'll know I have a tendency to be pretty vocal about any problems I have with our country's erstwhile leadership. But for the most part I've restricted it to those channels and have tried to avoid posting about current events in the country on this blog (outside of my personal choices for the election), but I feel that now more than ever those of us who can speak out have a responsibility to do so whenever we can, for several reasons

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Hyperion by Dan Simmons My rating: 4 of 5 stars I randomly decided to start reading a new book the other day and picked up Hyperion completely blind. I knew it was sci-fi, but that was about it And it turned out to be some really good sci-fi too. Simmons introduces new concepts and the history of his universe and human society quickly and unapologetically. Even the prologue bandies around the terms Hegemony and Ouster with little explanation save what we can glean from context.

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I like to say that software development is a challenging career because no two projects are ever the same and there are always new challenges to face and new concepts to learn, but the truth of the matter is a bit more complex. Writing software is about breaking down large problems into a series of very small technical problems for which we already have solutions. Examples of small enough technical problems include list sorting, comparison, arithmetic operations, path traversal, string concatenation, returning a string as an HTTP response, rendering text to the screen, retrieving submitted parameters from an HTTP request, and so on.

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Internet History

No, not that kind of history, don't worry. Twenty-five years ago this month, the first website went up on the world wide web. That was 1991. It took a few years for the Philippines to catch on, the first internet connection in the country was only set up in 1994. My personal experience with the internet came a bit later, during our freshman year in University, sometime in the schoolyear 1995-1996.

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Review: Stranger Things

So, Stranger Things It's true, it's great. I thought it might be overhyped, but it's not. And I can see why people find it hard to explain without spoiling things. It's about strange things happening in a small town. Creepy things. It's a mystery. It's suspense. It's not a jump-scare sort of thing if you're not into that. Well, there's maybe a little bit of jump scares. The best description I'd say it's about as scary as an X-Files or Doctor Who episode.

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I was originally going to write a post about the problems development teams face as they get larger, but the section on development standards was long enough by itself so here we are. Having some sort of development standard in a project development team becomes a lot more important as project size goes up (for obvious reasons). There are different kinds of standards to consider, but generally I break them down into design standards and coding standards.

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Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett My rating: 4 of 5 stars I bought a used copy of this book a while back and finally decided to read it, it wasn't particularly long. I'd found however, that I'd already read it before lol. Anyway, I still managed to read through it a second time, it was pretty good. I like the Discworld books, they're ridiculous, popcorn fantasy reads, and this one was no exception.

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Thirty Eight

Thirty eight lessons I've learned through the years, in no particular order: Do not be beguiled by pretty things; not all that glitters is gold Remain true to yourself in the face of adversity You can't help people who aren't willing to change People will believe what they want to believe You don't have to do what everybody else does Happiness often comes from small things Be thankful for what you have and appreciate the people who are there for you Other people think about you a lot less than you think Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time Spend some time alone with your thoughts regularly; solitude has its benefits In most situations, a balanced approach will serve you well.

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Pros: It is a very rewarding career financially. Software development often ranks in the top 10 highest-earning careers in most countries There is a lot of scope – you could be developing web applications, mobile applications, embedded applications, client-side, server-side, data analysis, artificial intelligence, games, etc It is very difficult to be bored. You can always automate away the boring stuff. Different projects always present different challenges. The field is evolving rapidly so there are always new things to learn.

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The Trading Code by Jason Cam My rating: 4 of 5 stars Pretty informative and helpful stuff for beginners to stock trading, although I reckon it will still take time and experience to get the hang of stock trading. I was interested in the math so I'm happy that the book discussed the formulas for most of the indicators used (with the exception of the ADX) View all my reviews
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Motivation vs Discipline

Motivation is a fickle mistress. It comes and it goes. It's easily distracted. It can vanish in a blink of an eye. When it's there, it's great, but when it's not you don't get anything done and you don't feel terrible. Motivation is based on the principle that you need a certain emotion or state of mind to get things done. Motivation is burst damage, you can get a lot done but you don't know when it's gonna come out.

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The F15 Eagle, a perfectly normal earth jet #sketchdaily
Reddit has some ideas for GMA after they plagiarized Arrow
Well, this is way different from how we were taught it went down! #history
A convoy of perfectly normal earth cars #sketchdaily #transformers
Dance like nobody's watching #sketchdaily
Also won Lords of Waterdeep!
Mystic Vale victory! #onehundredpercentwinrate
Cownibal #sketchdaily
Psylocke #sketchdaily #marvel face needs work and the hair was probably too ambitious
Pink coral #sketchdaily
Petra #sketchdaily
Back to back Pop Quiz champions!
Why design matters
Ninoy Aquino
This is the level of conditioning we're seeing these days
This is a fantastic alter #mtg
Wow. Eto ang worthy of Pinoy Pride! David Ramirez your turn next!
Another dog #sketchdaily Just playing around with some stuff in Procreate
What comes to mind when the president says something stupid
Android peeps: for some reason ive recently gotten a few random notifs in arabic. Long press tells me they come from Samsung Push Service. How can I stop them?
Catwoman #sketchdaily
Wow, we're approaching North Korea levels of stupid here. I didn't link directly to the post because I didn't want to give them even more shares, pero ang nakakatawa naniniwala sila lahat duon lol. Or maybe nakakaiyak? Andami pang naniniwala dun sa comments!
Trying to copy a sketch from one of favorite comic artists’ twitter #sketchdaily
if you cant get through the trolls, maybe just make fun of them a bit
IDK, some kind of dog. Painting is hard #sketchdaily
Magus from #chronotrigger #sketchdaily
You don't mess with scientists unless you want to get burned
“Go play outside!” #sketchdaily
Experimenting with making a comic strip. I’m using the Sketchbook Pro app, but it doesn’t provide me with a way to smooth out the lines in the text bubbles, I might try some different apps again later
Taekwando #sketchdaily
Weight Lifting #sketchdaily
Badminton #sketchdaily
Still waffling on getting No Man's Sky on Steam before release, since I'm already playing this other game with wild alien vistas and strange beasts
The problem with JavaScript
Still waffling on No Man's Sky, since I'm already playing another game with wild alien vistas and strange beasts
Nighttime break #sketchdaily
Today's #sketchdaily theme was “Stranger Things”, but I hadn't seen it yet so I made this strange #marvel comic cover thing instead
Strawberry #sketchdaily
Credit: Jim Benton
Could have sworn I also had a copy of Colour of Magic and Lords and Ladies, but these were the only ones I found… I wonder if I should collect them all lol #discworld
Lol this reminds me of a certain local politician and his erstwhile followers
I like how the SC's reaction is basically “Chill lang. Tell us the details of your allegations. Here's a process we can use”
Bell Tower #sketchdaily
Doctor Pikachu “allons-y-chu!” #sketchdaily #pokemon #doctorwho
I wasnt planning to install this game, but I walk around a lot so there's some kind of synergy bonus. Also, this is the first time I've been unable to get the name “hungryroy”
IT'S SO FLUFFY! #sketchdaily
Good job Olympics (it's a parody account :p)
Kung merong kelangan mag move on para magkaron ng Unity, bakit hindi ang Marcoses ang mag move on at ilibing na lang si Marcos sa Ilocos? Mas ma-aappreciate pa ng mga tao duon for some reason I can't fathom. Bakit yung mas madami na nagdusa sa mga kasalanan ni Marcos (na karamihan hindi pa nabibigyan ng hustisya) ang magbibigay-daan para lamang sa pride ng iisang pamilya? Hindi ba dapat the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?
“Arthur, if you want to be taken seriously you need a better mount” #sketchdaily #aquaman
Kfc's “four cheese chizza” sounded ridiculous so I tried it. This looks nothing like the ad though
I'm a bit busy today so I'll make this quick #sketchdaily #flash
Third place! May six pack na ko! #geekfightph
Tiny Green Arrow says you have failed this city #sketchdaily
Yellow team #sketchdaily
“Dude that's not a pokemon” #sketchdaily
Augustus #sketchdaily

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