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Some time ago, one of my many intrepid followers pointed out that this blog tested poorly on web page performance according to this Speed Testing Tool. Now, I’m of the opinion that for a personal blog such as this, web performance isn’t really a mission-critical sort of thing, but as a software developer who has often had to work hard to optimize the web applications we delivered to our clients, it kind of became a matter of pride :pUnacceptable!

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Ice Candy

I read an article recently about how we should encourage entrepreneurial spirit in kids from a very young age. It made think of a time when we were kids and we tried running a business It was a summer from years ago. Perhaps 1988 or 1989, or maybe a year or two earlier, I can’t be sure. I was young, my brother was younger by a few years, my female cousin older by a few years.

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Working with Testers

I had my first taste with working with software testers during my first project where I was involved with porting an old system to a new version of the software. My first task involved porting reports which were to be generated by the users then printed out. The task wasn’t too difficult: basically you took the source code of the report (it was some weird binary format recognized only by the particular reporting tool – that was how it was done back in the day) and open it using the newer version of the tool, and the tool did some sort of migration magic to adapt it to the new format, then you just save it back again.

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Everyone is Biased

Grammar note: “Biased” is an adjective. “Bias” is a noun. It is not appropriate to say that a person or an entity “is bias”. Unless you are talking to like a prejudice elemental or something (takes note of that for hypothetical hipster RPG) In a (long-winded) discussion during the recent election period, someone told me that I “obviously had a bias” and my answer was “Of course I do! Everyone does!

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In the modern era of online services and applications, it is getting more and more common to hear of databases and systems being hacked and user data being exposed. The most dangerous of this data is the user’s password since it may allow access not only to your own service but to other services as well. As an application developer, the below is probably the bare minimum you need to know when handling user passwords:

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Password Security for Dummies

Around the first week of June 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, well-known nerd and founder of Facebook, was hacked. If even the founder of the world’s largest social network can be hacked, anybody can! So it might be a good idea to review how you manage and secure your online passwords     Avoid using short, simple, or commonly-used passwords! These are subject to so-called “brute force” attacks where bad actors just try a whole lot of passwords until they find one that works.

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More stories from the early days. Evaluating someone’s programming ability is hard, especially someone fresh out of college. A student’s grades is in no way indicative of how well he can program after all. So most nontrivial programming jobs have some sort of complicated application process involved. I remember going in and taking an exam. Most application processes will have some sort of written exam to filter out people who look good on paper, but can’t actually do anything.

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“Do you know what’s there, waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It’s yours!” – Achilles, Troy Each person has a different view of what their life’s purpose is, but I’ve found more often than not it relates to some form of immortality. Usually that means leaving something behind, some trace of yourself so that the world remembers you, something that says “I was here, I existed.” For many people that means offspring, for others it may mean some other legacy: children taught, people helped, ideas expounded, inventions created, companies founded, and so on

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You Are Not Your Code

I once had to advise someone who found himself irritated at receiving lots of comments during code review. I think my response was good enough to quote verbatim: Remember: You are not your code. You are not the hundred or so lines of C or Java or JavaScript or whatever that you wrote today. This problem arises because you are too attached to your code. Your ego is associated with the code you write and you feel that any comments or defects found reflect upon you as a person.

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Shouldnt have walked into kfc #sketchdaily
Homemade chicken alfredo
Arche from Tales of Phantasia #sketchdaily
Some old lady #sketchdaily
People with HP printers: I need some advice. There’s a problem with the black ink cartridge (see image), color seems fine. Madami pa naman ung ink. I tried align and also clean ink cartridges from the HP software ganun pa din. I also tried taking out the cartridge and manually cleaning near the nozzle (may instructions sa support page) What else can I do? Kaka two months pa lang nun printer :(
Daisies I guess? #sketchdaily
Red shirts #sketchdaily
Farmer’s market #sketchdaily
Prize pack rares from 4-1 a modern GPT today @aleksfelipe @switchfollows
Emperor Thaurissan #sketchdaily #hearthstone
Posted on r/Talesof: [Tales of Hearts R] Can anyone tell me what’s in that box over there? And maybe how to get to it? Sorc ring can’t hit the crystal from here
Pomegranate #sketchdaily doesnt look like something I’d want to eat
Professor Leyton and the Poorly Drawn Hands #sketchdaily
Kraken! #sketchdaily
Double-dipping #hearthstone #mtg
Light out darkest hour #sketchdaily #transformers
A whole new whirled #talesofheartsr #psvita (Great editing there Namco)
I literally had trouble with this one #sketchdaily
Long live the king #sketchdaily
I did poorly today so Pepper Lunch na lang
Reaper of Flight Moonsilver #sketchdaily #mtg
Cola #sketchdaily
Garden #sketchdaily
gasp what a plot twist! #megaman9
Penguins! Wait what? #sketchdaily
Morning rituals #sketchdaily
Eating ramen #sketchdaily
Surprisingly spicy (not sure what I expected)
Unfair race #sketchdaily gonna try pen instead of pencil for a while
I was not the King of Tokyo
Mr Jones #sketchdaily
Natsu #sketchdaily #fairytail
It has been a while #amici
Snake, Frog, Toad #sketchdaily #metalgear #chronotrigger #nintendo
Sneaky Cat, Polite Owl and Clown Seal #pokemon #sketchdaily
Wes Maoi nakakainis kayo lol
I think we’ve had this thing since the 80s (which is why unlike certain friends of mine I know who Mayor McCheese is). Does anyone else remember? I think there 4 different stackable containers, each with a different color and character
Dhalsim #sketchdaily #streetfighter
Murlocs #sketchdaily #hearthstone @barayantan @emidevil
A Link to the Past #sketchdaily #zelda @beyondbidj
I didnt have any ideas for this week’s free draw #sketchdaily so I just accepted suggestions and drew them all
Ipad smart cover now completely detached. Tried to hold it together with tape but that didnt last long. Any suggestions? Or bili na lang bago?
People could become cancer! Related: kakainom ko lang ng c2 kanina
Random book sale find
Underwater baby. The thing about #sketchdaily is I’m going to post them even when I’m unhappy with the output. I started with the blue background but when I got to the baby I got lazy so… Nevermind
Genghis Khan. Having colors is nice, but takes up way more effort than I’m willing to spend on a #sketchdaily so this is left incomplete #procreate

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