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Hearthstone vs MTG

[][1]Totally different yo I am of course a long-time Magic the Gathering player. Over the past year or so I’ve also been playing Blizzard’s digital CCG Hearthstone (limiting myself to free to play since who has money to spend on two CCGs?) and I’ve been thinking about the design parallels and differences between the two. If you’re a Hearthstone player, you’ve probably read a lot of these things before, since many well-known pros play both MTG and HS.

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Origin Story

A while back I answered a question over on Quora about how I got started down the path of programming. It’s not a particularly interesting story, but I still thought I’d record it here for posterity. Sometime when I was much younger, maybe somewhere between twelve to fourteen years old, I remember having some sort of QBasic programming learning book at home. I forget how we got it, I think my uncle brought it home for me sometime for some reason.

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The Making of Karateka by Jordan Mechner My rating: 4 of 5 stars The book is literally a collection of journal entries detailing young Jordan Mechner’s days as a university student at Yale at the same time working on what would be his first published game. I found it both inspiring (though some might consider me the wrong age to be inspired by it) and amusing as a look into the life of a young man in the early 80s.

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Debating On The Internet

Relevant XKCD: Sometimes I have this inexplicable urge to argue with people. With recent events I’ve found myself getting into more discussions, debates and otherwise friendly arguments online. The quality of these interactions hasn’t always been the best, and many times I feel like I should have stopped engaging sooner or maybe not participated at all. I’ve considered some points to help me decide in the future whether to bother engaging other people online.

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Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds by Scott Berkun My rating: 4 of 5 stars I’ve been following and reading Scott Berkun’s blog on and off for the past 5 years or so, so I already have a passing familiarity with this work. Mindfire collects some of the best essays from his blog into an easy-to-read format that you can digest in one-to-two sittings. Berkun writes about a number of diverse topics such as how to think critically and how to interact with other people and how to spend your attention.

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"Everyone knows the third movie is always the worst" -- Jean still too much focus on Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique some great soundtrack choices Quicksilver scene maybe just a tiny bit too long. Tradition of defying the rules of physics continues (I hope someone does the math on how fast he was probably moving) nice 80s wardrobe lol not particularly faithful to the source material plot is all over the place, a lot of WTF moments here and there.

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Stellaris (Review)

Or “How Did A Ceramic Pot End Up In Stellar Orbit”? Stellaris is a 4x space strategy game available on Steam. The game is created by Paradox, well-known for a number of other grand strategy games mostly with a historical basis such as Crusader Kings. I’ve owned Crusader Kings II for a while now but never got into it too deeply because (a) it’s just a bit too overwhelming; and (b) I find the combat way too obtruse.

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We shouldn’t have to keep telling people that Ferdinand Marcos was a terrible president and that the Martial Law he imposed was terrible for the country. Imagine if a significant percentage of German citizens kept insisting that Hitler was a great man and the more sensible Germans had to keep trying to educate them on why that wasn’t true and why World War II was a terrible idea and that they wanted to elect Hitler’s descendant to a position of national prominence.

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Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut My rating: 5 of 5 stars Cat’s Cradle is only the second Vonnegut book I’ve read, after Slaughterhouse Five. I find myself fascinated with how he unveils his narrative in short, seemingly disconnected bursts, something much more obvious in this book. Like S5, CC’s plot starts close to normal ordinary fiction and ends in a completely different place that’s strictly in the realm of sci-fi. A great read, and very easy too given the structure of ridiculously short chapters View all my reviews
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Elections 2016 -- My Ballot

This has been one of the most divisive and shenanigan-filled election campaign seasons ever, and politics is normally crazy in this country so that’s saying something. There’s a strong use of social media this time around, and it’s led to the internet being a hotbed of opinions and propaganda and memes and lies and half-truths and threats of violence. I was hoping greater citizen involvement via social media and the debates would mean citizens have more information and thus would get to be more discerning, but it seems that things have only gotten worse.

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Graveyard encounter #sketchdaily #procreate
Superman vs Caped Baldy #sketchdaily #onepunchman
Struck down #sketchdaily
Some guy #sketchdaily
Naya Hushblade #sketchdaily #mtg
Eye drawing practice #sketchdaily
WTH DFA, what’s up with the passport renewal form
Edit: Kasalanan ko pala. Explanation sa comments section. Leaving this up for accidental hilarity
@roytang ah crap. It was a Chrome extension I had
Assembled for battle
Laserbeak #sketchdaily #transformers
Tracer #sketchdaily #overwatch
Coral Trickster #mtg #sketchdaily
Bobcat #sketchdaily
Ciri #sketchdaily #witcher
Duel of an Era (shishio part 2) #sketchdaily #rurounikenshin
Spike #sketchdaily #cowboybebop
Usopp and Chopper #sketchdaily #onepiece
Ducks bathe together #sketchdaily
Chilling by the trees #sketchdaily
Mother of Dragons #sketchdaily
Worst Monopoly set ever
Harry Taylor, pitcher for the Kansas City A’s from 1957 to 1961 #sketchdaily
Super rough #sketchdaily of Jaina Proudmoore
Chilling by the fence #sketchdaily
Final boss? #sketchdaily
Bad form Philippine Daily Inquirer (Official), is”Bong2” really part of your editorial style?
Also nice use of the fold to conveniently cut “I will be a dictator…”
Priorities #sketchdaily
Three dogs and two trees #sketchdaily
So, after all that weighing of pros and cons of the different candidates, I might be the only idiot who accidentally voted #abstain4president. It wasn’t any glitch in the machine or the ballot, just a glitch in the user. After standing in a hot queue for one hour, I took my ballot and sat down. I decided to skip the President slot first and just come back to it later since I was undecided, then filled in VP, Party-List and Senators.
“Nothing’s perfect, the world’s not perfect, but it’s there for us trying the best it can. That’s what makes it so damn beautiful” - Roy Mustang
Stonehenge #sketchdaily
Cardboard box #sketchdaily
Wolf Link and Midna
Not much time today so here’s a poorly drawn Captain Marvel #sketchdaily (I’ll make it up to her someday)
Cable management is tough
3rd place bottle of win! #geekfight
I got this villains lootcrate back when I was in London, only opened it now. It has this weird wooden joker and this creepy carnage mug. There’s also a hydra pin and a breaking bad apron in the box
Ariba ariba! Andale andale! #sketchdaily
May the 4th be with you #sketchdaily
Ant meeting #sketchdaily TIL that the ant from Bug’s Life doesn’t have the correct number of limbs. Antz was more accurate
Hypnotic Specter #sketchdaily #mtg
Tlavonian Moose cavalry #sketchdaily

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