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Someone on quora asked:

As a jr software engineer often I feel overwhelmed by the timeframe of the tasks that are given to me. Is this normal?

Maybe. There are two possibilities:

  • you are not yet used to the level of work expected of someone in the industry
  • you are being given too much work in too little time

Think about the first possibility. Are you doing the best work you possibly can? Are your co-workers having trouble with the same level of work? Are you managing your time properly? Are you spending too much time fixing defects or reworking existing code? Is your understanding of the business requirements sufficient or are you making mistakes because of a gap in understanding? Ask yourself these and similar questions to identify areas of improvement to help you cope with the amount of work you need to do

The workload will also vary wildly between companies, so it’s also a possibility that you have the bad luck of being in one of those companies that overwork their developers

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