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Commentary thread for 3rd presidential debate (consolidated).

[19:17] Dapat magtaas kamay na lang si Miriam at humingi ng enerhiya sa taong bayan para sa genki dama

[19:35] Bakit pa ba umaattend ng debate etong si Binay? Ni hindi sinasagot ang tinatanong sa kanya #PiliPinasDebates2016

[19:44] Panalo, quinote si Batman!

[20:19] Babawasan mga tax, pero andaming mga planong transportation at libreng healthcare

[20:31] Looking forward to the pro roxas crowd posting about davao philheath beneficiaries at 8am tomorrow

[20:49] May cinite na stats si duterte na 300,000 new vehicles per month. At that time I was reading a newspaper article which said there 280,000+ vehicles sold all of last year. Fact check?

[21:01] Duterte: puro 75 ang grade ko

Miriam: ang presidente dapat may academic excellence

[23:31] In my opinion, the performances at today's debate (from best to worst) were:

  1. Roxas
  2. Poe
  3. Santiago
  4. Duterte
  5. Binay

The debate wasn't too exciting, although may konting immature fireworks between two certain candidates.

BONUS: In my opinion, the debates (in terms of format and moderator performances) can be ranked (from best to worst) as follows:

  1. 2nd debate (TV5)
  2. 3rd debate (ABS)
  3. 1st debate (GMA)

Edit: Swapped #3 and #4 because my someone reminded me of somethings Miriam said and I remembered that stupid Emilio Aguinaldo reply

[Apr 25 02:10] Some other things I noted in the debate:

  1. Duterte no longer harping on "3-6 months"
  2. Roxas no longer mentioning "Daang Matuwid" (although he did use tuwid as an adjective a couple of times I think)
  3. Isko Moreno has a lot of ads. He must have had like 3-4 different ads shown during the debate
  4. ABS' silly drama scenes before each question were a waste of time better used for asking more questions
  5. We LOLed every time Binay took the opportunity to walk forward to answer. Baka kulang pa sya ng exercise for that day
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Ej Tumaneng said...

Agreeeeeee. Saan kukunin, aber?

Arthur Abon said...

Paglaruin nga yang mga yan ng SimCity.


Arthur , naisip din yan ng asawa ko. Dapat daw requirement for a president, mag magandang city sa sim city 😝 di ba Oliver ?

Arthur Abon said...

Haha isa sa maraming requirement, dapat magaling din mag-Power Play or Risk, etc.

Arthur Abon said...

Grabe ang init. Andami na tuloy magsa-SanDo. Ew fail yung hirit. (SANtiago-robre DO).

Roy Tang said...

Man, I was seriously considering Miriam after Weng Santos ' pitch, but watching her today, she really should just tap out and have a kitkat

Weng Santos said...

That's why you vote for her! She will make your VP the Pres hahaha

Arthur Abon said...

I had a talk with somebody about not having the luxury of voting on principle given the present choices. She was pretty convincing. I went down from 100% abstain to 80%-ish abstain. Miriam was also a serious choice for me, health isn't an issue. Bad trip lang yung BBM connection (although when I talked with my dad and mentioned Du30 his immediate reaction was something along the lines of "kilala mo ba tatay nun?" I believe he was talking about the dad being a Marcos crony? I dunno.) Just wondering, did she get dull or was it the Big C (and/or the meds)?

Weng Santos said...

The meds restored her health, but not fully. And weakness talaga side effect ng cancer meds. They are designed to kill cells, after all. For me lang, I'm not taking issue with her health because anybody could die soon anyway. Nobody thought FPJ was going to die within a year of the 04 elections, so had he won, Noli De Castro would've been president until 2010. Nobody saw that coming.

Arthur Abon said...

Yup we're all dying, just at different speeds.