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Captain America Civil War spoiler-free review:

  • great fight sequences, start to finish
  • the newcomers were great, airport big fight sequence had a great surprise (and not the one you already saw in the trailer - although you might have already been spoiled if you pay attention to certain toy lines), although I feel like a couple of the characters were pulled in to the conflict in a way that was a bit weak, but it's still pretty good overall
  • the plot was ok. Justification for the civil war was ok. Some surprises. The villain motivation was slightly mediocre, but that wasn't really the focus of the movie anyway
  • Martin Freeman's role felt totally superfluous - it did not seem necessary to cast Martin Freeman
  • the movie kind of ends with the MCU and the Avengers in a weird place, some people might not like it
  • better than: Winter Soldier. The plot kind of develops in the same way but everything is on a much bigger scale now
  • there are two post-credit scenes, one in the middle and one at the very end
  • Imax worth it? Probably. Not very ostentatious use of 3d, but most of the fight sequences have it. You might get dizzy if you're not used to it
  • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama? Maybe, but I'd have to keep explaining who these characters are
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Amiel Malay said...

What was Bilbo Baggins doing there... looking for the ring? :)

I like that there's always the question of whether your mom would like it πŸ˜†