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Posted on r/nintendo: For someone used to Street Fighter type fighting games, what's the best way to get into Smash?

I have both Smash for WiiU and 3ds but I find it difficult to get into it (even though I like the characters and stages and stuff) because It's so different from the fighting games I usually play. I'm not a competitive Street Fighter player or anything (poor on execution) but I do enjoy playing that style of game. It's not that I want to get competitive with Smash, but I'd like a fairly decent chance when I play online

One thing that gets me a lot is that there's a difference in input when I slightly tilt the stick or flick it quickly, In the heat of battle I never seem to get the right one to come out

Another thing is that it's easy for me to get confused when there's so much stuff happening on the screen - it's hard to keep track of everything. I did manage to win an 8-man smash once, but that was with friends who don't really game that often :)

Any tips?

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