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Things software development projects can learn from "The Martian" (maybe spoilers lol):

  • If you rush things, you might leave something behind that will cost you a lot more later
  • You need to have buffer in your schedule for the inevitable disasters
  • If you have impossible deadlines, limited resources, overworked staff, and decide to skip testing to meet deadlines, don't expect things to go smoothly
  • If your stuff doesn't work, see if there's some Chinese alternative. Or look for some sort of coffee-powered genius to come up with a miracle solution
  • If you make a unpopular decision, your staff might go off on their own and risk their lives trying to complete the mission
  • Problems will occur at almost every step, be prepared to make stuff up as you go along
  • Solve one problem at a time until you get to go home
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Erika Val Lim said...

Company movie night! Must raise to management.

Liz Garcia said...

Natuloy kayo! Hurray!