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Posted on r/spikes: [Standard] Jeskai: Erase or Revoke Existence in the SB?

Erase works as well as Revoke against Ensoul, I think the only problem is that Erase doesnt hit hangarback.

I'm leaning towards Revoke since it hits more things, but the sorcery-ness worries me...

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bokchoykn said...

Kind of off topic, but one small bit of Jeskai tech: Harbinger of the Tides.

It works great with Ojutai's Command, essentially giving it another mode. It's excellent against both Hangarback Walker and Ensoul Artifact. Versus RDW: Bouncing an attacker and surprise block on another can be a huge play, especially if you're simultaneously gaining 4 life from Ojutai's Command. It can bounce Jace or Chandra with their flip trigger on the stack.

I wouldn't go overboard with it. Maybe 1-2 in the main, perhaps in place of Rabblemaster.

hungryroy said...

I was thinking of having an extra 1-2 creatures main in addition to jace/mantis/SGM (I'm not using rabbles) and was considering Stratus Dancer in the slot, the transform trigger helps vs rdw and control. Is Harbinger a better maindeck card overall?