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Grand Prix London 2015

I was sent to London for work for a few months, which meant an opportunity to play a third GP for the year after Manila back in January and Singapore back in June. This will be the most GP events I’ve played in a one year period. I didn’t have time to practice, so I went with an updated version of the Jeskai tempo deck I was playing at the start of Khans rotation.

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I like to be optimistic, or at least to try to. And to believe the best of people, or at least try to.Β It’s not always easy. Sometimes people disappoint you. Sometimes you feel lost. Or stressed. Or stuck in a rut. And you don’t know what to do. You have to be able to look within yourself to find your own drive, to find the ability to move forward in spite of the tough times.

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There was an actual Grimlock toy in the exhibit lol
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
A stegosaurus from China. It's named after the town where it was found (which I don't remember)
Mammut (mammoth) skeleton
Iguanadon (I think)
Museum of Natural History
That's a terrible looking mouse lol
Museum of Natural History
I had to talk to a stranger so that I'd have proof I really went lol
This is supposed to be half of Charles Babbage's brain, from the history of computing exhibit
Velociraptor skeletons and animatronic velocity raptors. Sadly I did not have time to do the Chris Pratt/Jurassic World thing
The content of the Science Museum is more like things of academic interest. Still interesting (if not nerdy), but i was a bit tired so I kinda breezed through the exhibits
Animatronic T-Rex. It moves and roars. I was sad that they didn't have a skeleton
Sabretooth tiger! Or cat, whatever
Diplodocus/Sludge (okay, Sludge is actually an Apatosaurus, but this was the closest one)
Life-size blue whale model. There's a blue whale skeleton suspended above it. The blue whale was smaller than I'd have imagined, but still huge
Giraffes are taller than blue whales!
I was disappointed to learn that this was a replica and the original was in the Smithsonian. Then I realised that it made sense because this one looked far too easy to steal
Passed by the Science Museum as well. Feels like a mad scientist lab #tourist
Natural history museum #tourist
First time I’ve seen so many people around here. Apparently a rugby match just finished
I made spaghetti!
So they cost the same…but one of them has bacon. Is this a trick question?
I picked up a new car!
Brunch at newham dockside
I'm disappointed that there wasn't a Philippine exhibit (the Asian exhibits were mostly Japan, China and India). Also no giant dinosaur skeletons. It was nothing like Night at the Museum at all
Sculptures from the Parthenon. They should give them back, Greece could use the tourist dollars
Assyrian Lion Hunt reliefs. Apparently they shot one of the lions out of midair
The Portland Vase. Made from cameo glass, apparently there's only around 40 samples of cameo glass from olden days (or at least the guide person said)
Easter island dude!
Oxus treasure, fabulous metalwork from ancient Iran
The Rosetta Stone. I couldn't get a better picture because of all the tourist. I don't think it uses UTF-8
A pendant-mask made from ivory, from Africa. I find that I wasn't as interested in the African exhibits as compared to the European ones
A horse sculpture recovered from the Mausoleum of Halikarnassos
Medieval-era samurai armor. Didn't fit me.
The Lewis chessmen, supposedly the most well known chess set in the world. Why haven't I heard of it before? And what happened to that missing rook?
The Royal Game of Ur, some sort of old-school boardgame with weird button dice
Some statues recovered from the tomb of a Tang dynasty general. I don't see the resemblance
Westminster cathedral
Spent a couple of hours soaking up culture at the British museum #tourist
Sunday morning breakfast: bacon and egg fried rice with spam
Friday night pizza
Well #gplondon was a bust, I scrubbed out of the SSS as well. But at least there’s swag!
Chicken katsu curry
The waterfront near excel london
Rich Hagon’s magic game show was pretty fun lol #gplondon
I’m trapped in a mirror maze!
Rigatoni carbonara
#breakingbad #lastbaconpostiswear
Been seeing this for 3 weeks, still not sure what it’s supposed to be
The bacon looks better on the second try. Maybe I should learn to scramble eggs next
I randomly stumbled upon some free open air cinema thing so now I guess I’m gonna watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Poorly cooked bacon and leftover rice
Wifi on an airplane is basically still sorcery; this is how much it costs
Egg fried rice w duck
Today’s brunch: spam and rice. Achievement: able to use a rice cooker lol
Traditional english breakfast
Brunch at random italian place

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