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Watched Ant-Man at Trinoma Cinema 7

Ant Man spoiler-free review: The first half felt a bit off, with some exposition coming off as forced and the pacing a bit awkward. Things picked up later on and while the plot was not entirely unpredictable there were a number of fun and surprising tangents. Overall a fun and entertaining movie with enough stuff for comic book Marvel fans to enjoy, probably close in quality to the first Iron Man movie, if not better

Thu, July 16, 2015, 12:40 a.m. / / notes / #movies #spoiler-free-review / Syndicated: facebook 1 others / 💬 3 / Location: Ayala Malls TriNoma Cinemas

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Jvee Veneracion said...

and don't forget about the mid- and post-credit scenes...

Liz Garcia said...

y u no place this in nedstark

Roy Tang said...

Lizbeth Jane Garcia spoiler-free nga e!