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Previously: Overview¬†| Barcelona Part 1¬†|¬†Barcelona Part 2 Wednesday March 11th It’s early in the morning when the shuttle picks us up to take us to the airport for our flight to Rome. When we¬†first planned the trip a¬†few months back, only Spain and France were on the itinerary. But due to a last-minute change in circumstances, we decided to add Italy to the trip. We had also acquired a railpass and were planning to travel by train between Spain and France, but given the change of plans we decided to refund the railpass (up to 85% of the cost can be refunded) and we literally booked inter-Europe flights during our layover in Singapore at the start of the trip.

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Europe 2015: Barcelona Part 2

Previously: I went to Europe, decided I should tell you more about it and started talking about Barcelona Monday March 9th For today, we had decided to visit Park¬†G√ľell, a Barcelona tourist spot¬†created by this old-timey big shot to display the works of well-known Catalanion architect Antoni¬†Gaudi. I say “well-known” but I’ll be the first to admit that my culturally-ignorant self had not heard of him before, but he’s kind of a big deal in Barcelona with many souvenir shops sporting some thing reminiscent of his works.

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Europe 2015: Barcelona Part 1

My previous post only skimmed my trip to Europe. I did not want to write too much, partly because I was uncertain at how many would be interested to hear the sordid details and partly because while I was writing the post, the words did not flow as freely as I would have wanted. Despite this, I have received good feedback and more than one person had asked for more details.

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Stuff cant make you happy, but natutuwa ako when I look at this
Nice headline inquirer, not misleading at all #journalism #ham
Nice headline @inquirerdotnet, not misleading at all #journalism #ham
Posted on r/transformers: I have a small die-cast Jazz and I forgot where I got it from. Can anyone identify what toy line it is?
Lifesize Hulkbuster! (Photobomb kid for scale) #avengers
@atlususa check out my lock screen
I like the game doesnt even bother justifying the wall chicken trope lol #PS4share
Surprise Game of Thrones boardgame night!
Lizbeth Jane Garcia itag daw kita
Surprise game of Cards Against Humanity during lunch
Surprise game of @CAH over lunch
Surprise game of @CAH over lunch
Some recent pick-ups. The FF Type-0 steelbook si great but the game’s camera is horrible
Brian Jefferson Tan
Business World editors not doing well #grammarnazi
@AskBayan cant access for a few days now, twitter links don’t work. what’s up? t.sora area
Some leftover stuff from Europe I was still carrying around in my bag. That rock is from Rome lol

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