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Dragon Age: Inquisition spoiler-free review: First off, the game is vast. There's a ridiculous amount of quests, collectibles and stuff to do. Exploring feels a bit like Kingdom of Amalur where you can't go far without encountering something to pick up or bad guys to fight. The fighting is a bit more arcade-y than Origins (I did not play DA2 so I cannot compare); I only really switch to Tactical view when fights get tough, the action mode is good enough maybe 60-70% of the time. A real time-sink, this one.

Finished Dragon Age: Inquisition today. Almost 80 hours playtime, did almost every quest (except a few hidden maps) and completed stuff like the shards and the high dragons. Skipped completing the more annoying completionist stuff (regions, mosaic pieces, etc). The game isn't exceptional and the combat isn't too tough on Normal, but there's a lot of Dragon Age lore behind it, there's a heck of a lot of stuff to do, and it's good enough for fans of the series.

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