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Interstellar spoiler-free review: Entertaining movie if you have a good suspension of disbelief and accept the science at face value. Some of the science and timelines are questionable (or maybe I missed some details possibly because I was talking Doctor Who with someone at the same time - some things might clear up on rewatch). Most of the black hole and relativity stuff was well-executed though. The twist at the end I could pretty much spot coming a mile away. CASE and TARS are very entertaining; I wouldn't recommend the movie to my mother, for pretty much the same reasons I wouldn't recommend Inception. Interstellar might be harder to grasp than Inception overall. Explores themes of relativity and human loneliness. Some surprise actors appeared! Very much a Nolan movie

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Apparently, the science is pretty authentic: Christine and I liked it, and it definitely isn't for everyone. Will need to brush up on my Grand Unification Theory. TARS is the best. Been liking AIs in SciFi since GERTY in Moon.

Roy Tang said...

I have no complaints about the black hole and relativity stuff, those were well-executed (edited this into the OP)

The twist, huh. Sort of expected it would be a free zone, concept-wise. I like how everything felt real: the only clean scenes were in the hospital

Liz Garcia said...

I'M SORRY!!! lol I didn't know!