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Globe's Spam Reports Policy A few days ago I got dragged into a debate over Twitter regarding Globe's policy on handling reports sent in via Twitter about spam/scam text messages. When you send in reports of text spams via Twitter, one of Globe's representatives will ask you to agree that in case the spammer disputes the allegation, they would have to disclose your mobile number to them. For me, the policy seems completely reasonable: if you accuse someone of a crime, they should have a right to know what exactly they are accused of and who exactly the victim was.

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@lizbethjane @yoshiyahu @EkaJade
Late night impulse buying #gasta
Didn't really spend too much time creating my character, mostly just defaults. She's scowling all the time though
This is now the most facial hair I've ever had. Sadly, this means I can never have a Hitler mustache. #noshavenovember
Something i picked up on impulse a while back
thanks for the reminder past me!
Late night snack
Quiz night tonight!
Yes i will play it on console #lazymasterrace
I was trying to see if I still had a copy of the old RTK3 data we used to use which had a whole lot of our friends/classmates as custom officers. The only one I found only had a lot of Kerwins!
David Ramirez Michael Daniel V. Samson Raymond Lirag would any of you have a copy? Wala lang lol
Today's reminder
Picked up today. However it came with an r3 product code for some costume dlc…maybe i should have waited for the r1…
I may have been buying cheap comics from book sale recently…
RT @_youhadonejob: Cartoon logic.
Nagduda ako if may bagong word na wala sa vocabulary ko
First Ps4 platinum!
First ps4 platinum #PS4share

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