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My friends posting Beyond Earth pictures is tempting me to buy it already. If only I had the time =/

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Jaime L. Garcia said...

Allow me to dissuade you from it even though I like it and bought it. It's a rough launch. I'd argue worse than Civ 5's, if you remember. It's like Firaxis was a story writing and mod team that focused more on the graphics and text-stories more than the mechanics and testing. Certain strats are imba now (internal trade routes, picking affinity by your nearby resources, going for science / prod / health tactics), and the AI has never been more unreasonable. UI took a hit too, with even non-colorblind people complaining that miasma gas is nigh visible against alien grassland. The tech web, while a nice feature, is UI hell that they need to patch. Recommend to wait for the first set of patches before getting.