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Well, that's the worst I've ever seen

Quoted Jiddu Bulatao's Facebook post:

Dear MRT, It's 705am. The line is on the bridge. That's almost a kilometer and a half away from the station, not including the bridge underneath the platform itself. The system is broken. What are you doing about it?

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Aace Rams said...

Bakit di na lang mag bus mga tao pag ganyan na kahaba? Spend your time sitting down in traffic kaysa >1hr line standing up. But yes, the system is broken. :p

Roy Tang said...

I'm not sure if taking the bus to Makati would actually be faster than this line. If Ortigas siguro, sure

Aace Rams said...

2hrs level na nga ata yan, 1hr is like dun sa may jeep terminal exit. That's why Ortigas is the place to be. Makati businesses should relocate.... :)

Marco Sancho said...

Wag. Dun na sila para di tayo ma-affect.