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Well, I haven't written anything in a while, so I figured I'd write some words on the new Spider-Man movie. Spoilers abound! Action-packed! The web-swinging is fun and looks and feels just like Spidey from the comic books. Spider-man moves and fights and banters pretty faithfully to the comic book version of our favorite wall-crawler, so that's a definite plus. Peter's Spider-sense is portrayed as a slow-motion bullet-time kind of deal which allows him to react quickly and save all the people while dodging everything.

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This is officially the most I've spent for a single book :p
David Ramirez‘s book launchPlace: Ayala Malls (14.551569, 121.026208)Address: Glorietta, Ayala Center, 1226 Makati
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Philippines reference
I could probably post Simpsons photos every day and never run out

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