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So I marathoned Gurren Lagann this weekend. That was totally not what I expectd lol. It was fun and way over the top, even though it still hit a lot of the tropes. I thought it was going to get boring after the timeskip, but nope. It got a little weird at the end, but I guess that's inevitable when things escalate quickly

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Gurren Lagann - breaks your preception if how BIG is big. FIGHT THE POWA!

Escalation is the key word here. We marathoned Kill La Kill last night.

I'll do Kill La Kill next weekend maybe. Sana sinabi nyo para sabay tayo nag marathon! :p

Nah, nauna kami. We stopped after 6 to marathon it :p

Yes. Only a few tropes percentage-wise are inherently bad. Everything is either a trope, seminal, or boring.

Di nga ba ito ang barena na tatagos sa langit, kalawakan at probabilidad?!? Masdan ang perpektong pagliyab ng kaluluwa ng isang tunay na lalaki! Kami ang Tropang Gurren, samahang di magagapi, maging sa kamatayan! XD

TIL ang tagalog ng drill ay barena

Damn, did they ever get to dub Gurren Lagann in Tagalog? If ever they decide to do it, I nominate Mario to be the scriptwriter.