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The fact that you knew you needed to contact EA means you already know the answer - you need permission from the current rightsholder

Mon, Dec. 16, 2013, 8 a.m. / / notes / #gamedev #replies / Syndicated: reddit / 💬 2

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hungryroy said...

Yeap. Well, you could always just try making a fan project and hope and pray that they don't shut it down.

For contacting someone at EA, going through the regular channels like customer support or marketing/sales isn't going to cut it; that's not how deals are made, with their staff entertaining random proposals from people on the internet. The only way to get traction is to find someone on the inside who will listen to you - probably through game dev industry contacts or such. If you already have the capacity, I would suggest just making your own game first (maybe "inspired" by lands of lore, but not ripping it off directly) and hope that leads into a future path that might eventually get you where you want.