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This Week: All-New X-Men #5



  • Beast newly mutating again. It's not too radical, but I wasn't really a fan of cat-beast anyway, so I don't mind something new
  • Stuart Immonen's artwork is still pretty good
  • My favorite panel here has to be the one with Jean finding out about what happened to her from furry Beast. (See above) It's a nice collage that will be enjoyed by long-time X-fans who will most likely try to identify each and every scene depicted by Immonen in this spread. Terrific reminder of how much history these characters have. This is my new iPad wallpaper :D
  • Looking forward to see Kitty handling the team of young X-Men.
  • How will Angel (who doesn't want to stay in this era) react to the current state of his future self?
  • Wolverine basically acting like an immature dumbass to young Scott, who hasn't done anything (yet) that should piss off Logan. Logan should know better.
  • When will we see more of the new mutant guys in action (and not just setting up base)? The book is titled All-New X-Men, so I was hoping there'd be more of the new guys.
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