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  • It’s a satisfyingly good ending. The book is action-packed, with 80-90% of the book just bloody, bloody fighting, and very little of the whiny manipulative bitchiness that characterized some of the weaker books in the series. As far as I can tell most of the dangling points are wrapped up neatly, many characters get to be heroes and die, etc. Part of me wonders whether I’d be this satisfied if Jordan had managed to finish everything himself.

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  • Here are the first few Marvel comics I read this week: Savage Wolverine #1 by Frank Cho is a fun, action-packed ride. It doesn’t explain much of what the heck is going on, but it does feature Wolverine chopping heads off and stabbing dinosaurs in the face so hey, I guess I’ll read it for a while! All-New X-Men #6 sees the young X-Men trying to settle into modern day. I found young Scott’s trying to wrap his head around mobile phones, bottled water and $5 magazines particularly amusing.

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  • This Week: All-New X-Men #5

    Props: Beast newly mutating again. It's not too radical, but I wasn't really a fan of cat-beast anyway, so I don't mind something new Stuart Immonen's artwork is still pretty good My favorite panel here has to be the one with Jean finding out about what happened to her from furry Beast. (See above) It's a nice collage that will be enjoyed by long-time X-fans who will most likely try to identify each and every scene depicted by Immonen in this spread.

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  • This Week: Superman #15

    Props: Kenneth Rocafort's art is as usual the highlight of the book for me. This time he gets to draw a full book of Superman in his Action Comics shirt and jeans, plus a few panels of the Justice League. Rocafort is easily the best artist DC comics has at the moment. Amazing build-up of Lex Luthor and how much of a genius/threat he is to Superman. It's terrific that faced with a threat beyond his grasp, Superman's first move is to consult his arch enemy before the Justice League.

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