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Writing regularly is something I’ve always wanted to be able to do but like most things I have trouble with, it’s the lack of discipline that gets me.

Take this blog for instance. I randomly think of things to write about while I’m idling or commuting or waiting in line or any of the dozen or so other opportunities during the day when my mind wanders, but because of laziness and/or lack of discipline, these ideas never get very far. I think one of the problems is that because this is a personal blog, I don’t have any focus. That is, in this space I can literally write about anything I want so I end up not writing anything. Does that make sense?

Anyway what I decided was: I’ll just start a new blog. What the hell right? But this time, I’ll focus on a topic for the blog. Restrictions breed creativity, or something. I needed to choose a topic that (a) I was fairly knowledgeable and passionate about; and (b) I would have something regarding that topic to write about on a regular basis. I’ve actually tried this before for Magic the Gathering, since I pretty much enjoy that game a lot, but the problem with MTG was that I was an irregular player and rarely had something new to write about. So I’m going to choose something else right now.

The easiest area that covers the above requirements for me right now is easily reading comic books. I read a ton of them and I enjoy them and I follow the regular weekly releases and am usually excited for the next week of releases. So it seems like something I would be able to write regularly about. So, here we go: I Read Comic BooksΒ (originally I was just going to go with a site, but I was like aw what the hell, domains are cheap)

Hopefully it helps me get into the groove of regular writing, and somehow that groove propagates back to this blog.

(Edit 2020: I no longer have the domain, but all posts from that blog have been imported into this one. The link above has been updated as well.)

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