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Tomorrow is new comics day! Here are the titles I’m most excited for this week:

All-New X-Men # 2 - I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of this Marvel NOW! series a couple of weeks ago and found myself excitedly looking forward to the next one. Luckily (or unlucky for your wallet?) many of the top Marvel NOW! #1s are double-shipping so here we are a couple of weeks later with the second issue of All-New X-Men! I’ve seen some of the preview pages, looks like Beast is going to have to convince the first five to make the trip back with him, but we already know they’re going to be back in present day by the end of this issue. I’m not only looking forward to how the young ones react to the present day “dystopia” but I’m also eager to see more of Stuart Immonen’s artwork (just writing this part made me go re-read the first arc of New Avengers that he drew.)

Thor: God of Thunder #2 - this series looks to be one of the best new Marvel NOW! titles; the first issue introducing us to the three Thors facing the god killer was very well-written. Since most of my Thor readings have been either Avengers-related or the recent Journey into Mystery, I’ve never read any books that tell us the tales of young Thor during the age of Vikings; it gives a refreshing perspective to the God of Thunder. Mark Millar recently called the book’s author Jason Aaron the best Marvel writer at the moment and having read his recent run on The Incredible Hulk it gives me high expectations for this series indeed. The artwork is also pretty good - I’m not that familiar with the penciler Esad Ribic but I can say after reviewing some of his earlier work that his interiors of this book so far look like the top of his game.

Superman #14 - it’s not that I’m particulary excited by the current H’el on Earth storyline - the crossover between the “super” books has been okay so far (and thankfully it looks like Kara’s finally going to learn English!) It’s just that I always find myself looking forward to Kenneth Rocafort’s artwork, and the previews for this issue look spectacular as usual.





Honorable Mentions: X-treme X-men #7, Uncanny Avengers #2, FF#1, X-Men Legacy #2, Aquaman #14, Batman Incorporated #5, Talon #2, Teen Titans #14

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