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  • This Week In Comics 2012-12-01

    Let’s see what the comic book man brought us this week! (Mild spoilers may ensue) Uncanny Avengers #2 (Marvel) To be honest this book was not at the top of my to-read list since I was a bit underwhelmed by the first book. But that may have been a product of reading too many preview pages so that basically the only surprise I got was the shock ending of what Red Skull was doing to Xavier’s corpse.

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  • Tomorrow is new comics day! Here are the titles I’m most excited for this week: All-New X-Men # 2Β - I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of this Marvel NOW! series a couple of weeks ago and found myself excitedly looking forward to the next one. Luckily (or unlucky for your wallet?) many of the top Marvel NOW! #1s are double-shipping so here we are a couple of weeks later with the second issue of All-New X-Men!

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  • Writing regularly is something I’ve always wanted to be able to do but like most things I have trouble with, it’s the lack of discipline that gets me. Take this blog for instance. I randomly think of things to write about while I’m idling or commuting or waiting in line or any of the dozen or so other opportunities during the day when my mind wanders, but because of laziness and/or lack of discipline, these ideas never get very far.

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  • This Week In Comics 2012-11-24

    This week’s biggest issue was Amazing Spider-Man #698. With three issues before the series finale and Dan Slott hyping up the ending arc and still keeping a tight lid on who may be taking over Peter’s role in Superior Spider-Man in January, I was really excited to be able to read the first part of the final Dying Wish arc. Doctor Octopus is dying! But before he does he pulls a whammy on our favorite wall crawler.

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