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The last two entries (here and here) took too long to write, and there's a helluva lot of other titles to go through. And many of them don't deserve much comments, so I'll just go through the rest quickly or I might never finish.

Action Comics -- the younger Superman stories are interesting, but occasionally Morrison goes off on one of his weird tangent stories. Superman's early years are largely re-written, and that's understandable, he's never had particularly interesting events in his history anyway

Superman -- meh, needs more spice

Superboy -- interesting, but the character has yet to find a status quo

Supergirl -- interesting, but the character has yet to find a status quo

Green Lantern -- interesting, though it implies Hal is currently a GL in the league with a "fake" power ring. Most of the GL history seems to be intact, and the GL books are all leading towards some sort of "third army" event, I hope it happens soon.

Green Lantern Corps -- interesting enough for me to want to read it before AvX #6 this week

Green Lantern: New Guardians -- interesting, but I don't see where this is going. Is it possible for Raynier's "Rainbow Guardians" to become a real team?

Red Lanterns -- mildly interesting, but I don't see where this is going. I'm not convinced the Reds were the best corps to give their own series

Teen Titans -- interesting for me, but only because Red Robin is here. The team's "coming together adventure" has been going on for far too long and they need to reach some sort of status quo

Blue Beetle -- interesting, but the character has yet to find a status quo

Legion of Super-Heroes -- interesting storylines, but way too many characters, not very accessible

Legion Lost -- interesting, but they can't get back to their own time without changing the book title, so it kinda limits what's going to happen and makes them always on the run

All-Star Western -- interesting, but weird. Not really a superhero book, though it has ties to Gotham City. I'm not particularly interested in the backup stories though

Deathstroke -- not interesting, seems to be mostly just Slade killing a bunch of guys for one reason or another. I'm not confident about it with Liefeld coming on, but I'll probably still read it for a while since I can't resist a ย train wreck

Suicide Squad -- meh, the squad composition at the moment isn't very interesting, the only real personalities there are Deadshot and Harley (at least they're giving her something to do aside from being a Joker fangirl)

Stormwatch -- mildly interesting, if only because they're going to need to be fighting the JL at some point. Some of their science-y explanations are ridiculous though

Grifter -- meh, doesn't seem to be going anywhere serious.

Voodoo -- meh, not sure where it's going. Also, with all this Daemonite activity going on, how is it Stormwatch isn't seriously cracking down on them?

Resurrection Man -- I like the concept, but the storyline seems to be going nowhere serious

Man O War -- I tried to bear with this, but it just bored me. I only managed to read up to issue 7

Justice League Dark -- interesting, though they're not really a real "team" at the moment. But the team composition is solid, especially they dropped Shade who wasn't really doing anything for the book. Andrew Bennet seems a better fit

Swamp Thing -- interesting, but might be a bit too weird for some, since a lot of the book feels like Alec Holland being on an acid trip of some sort. Feels very Vertigo.

Animal Man -- see Swamp Thing. Art is pretty good, but still weird.

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE -- interesting enough. Art is... unique.

I, Vampire -- surprisingly interesting, even if I'm already reading another Vampire series (American Vampire). Curious to see where it goes.

Demon Knights -- surprisingly interesting, the team composition is nice and varied (Vandal Savage, wut) and the storylines are a fresh reprieve from superhero stuff

DC Comics Presents -- Deadman was ok, Challengers less interesting for me. Good series for them to keep around and showcase lesser-known characters

And the second wave of the New 52, of which we are only one or two issues in:

Batman Incorporated -- looking good, easily better than both Detective and Dark Knight

Earth 2 -- the second issue was a bit slow, but it looks interesting enough

Worlds' Finest -- the first issue wasn't the best, but I like the idea of this comic so I'll keep reading it

Dial H -- off to a good start, but I can't help but wonder whether they'll be running out of hero ideas at some point. Also, Pelican Army!

GI Combat -- okay, I didn't like the last war book, I'm not gonna bother with this one.

The Ravagers -- giving this a shot, although at the moment it just seems like another "bunch of super teens on the run from evil forces" kinda deal, and that's already what Teen Titans is doing at the moment.

I'm probably going to keep on reading a good 70-80% of the books going forward, I don't feel compelled to read every single one of them any more. It's still a good chunk of books to read, and makes me look forward to the new releases every week.

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