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About this new website design/whatever. I am glad that you know have 2-factor authentication to protect me from fraudulent online transactions, but please check the following problems ( I gave up trying to post this using your messaging system, see #3 below):

  1. Please fix or replace the horribly unusable custom combo box control you have. When using it to select a payee while making a payment, it's difficult and counterintuitive to scroll up and down the list (it seems I must hover my mouse over the up and down arrows on the scrollbar). If you're going to replace the native select control for some reason, please at least make sure you support the scroll wheel and clicking in the scroll area (it's like you purposely chose the smallest part of the scrollbar to allow scrolling with)

  2. The account summary shown to me upon logout does not include transactions made during the same login session. The old website used to be able to do this.

  3. Something is wrong with your message composer, error handling and session management. I actually attempted to send this message through your in-app messaging three times before giving up. I keep getting an error about an "invalid character" in the message (kind of ridiculous if your messaging app does not support slahes or parentheses or whatever, there's not even any indication which character has failed), and after the error page there's no way to go back to my message to edit it AND apparently I have to login again. What's up with that?


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Another Citi customer said...

It seems that they don't want you to use apostrophes and double quotes. I tried sending them messages too and I experienced the same frustrating error message which would require you to login and enter OTP twice. I guess this may be related to The developers may have opted to disallow customers from using those characters, but yes, that is lame and there are other solutions to this.

Pete said...

Amazingly five years on - same problem! I've spent ages trying to reply to finally discover you can't use brackets (as in brackets). This is ridiculous and as you say no clue as to what needs removed.