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M11 Sealed -- You Make the Play

Here's the situation: It's game 3 of a sealed game. You know your opponent has Mind Control, Aether Adept and Plummet still in his deck, so you should finish it quickly to avoid losing to topdecks.

The field is as shown (click for larger view):

MTGO screenshot
MTGO screenshot (Click to view full-size)

If you Stampede and swing with everyone, you win! Unless he has Condemn, in which case you will lose. You never saw Condemn in previous games. If you swing with everyone except Platinum Angel he will fall to one life and you have to find a way to push through the extra damage later.

What's the correct play?

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Nick Davis said...

Swing with the team.

  1. You Win OR
  2. He Condemns Angel, you gain 8 life. You are at 3. He MUST block with the three critters (unless giant growth) to not die. 4/5 tree becomes unanimated again. Play the Stormfront Pegasus. If he swings with the team, sac the boar to gain 4, leaving you at 7, then chump the largest flier. You are at 1 life with one more turn.

but that's a LOT of speculation! :-D

Nick Davis said...

What ACTUALLY happened, btw?

Roy said...

What actually happened was that I wish I never thought of Condemn. If I had swung I would have won, but as it is I forgot that the 4/5 tree would become unanimated and counted the counterattack as lethal so I didn't push and later lost to Plummet.

Misplay on my part obviously, if I had done the math correctly and figured I'd be alive at 1, then swinging with the team would definitely have been correct!