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Elections 2010 -- Annoyances

Expect long lines, hot and sweaty rooms and maybe disorganized Comelec. Here are some other annoyances I encountered (just a quick brain dump): The Comelec BEI and volunteers may be uncoordinated. I went to a waiting room at the first floor and got a number and was told to wait for my batch of 10 to be sent to the voting room at the second floor. After about an hour, we found out the voting room wasn't aware numbers were being given out and had let some people start voting already.

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Elections 2010 -- My Ballot

For President, I'm voting Dick Gordon, because I believe that the Philippines should be a meritocracy where people are chosen as leaders based on the strength of their accomplishments and qualifications. For Vice President, I'm voting for Mar Roxas, as he's simply the most qualified and with the strongest history of government service. The E-VAT thing is actually a plus for him, as it shows he has the capacity to make difficult decisions if needed.

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Will Rock Band 3 include a keyboard controller?
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. It’s simple!
From Google: If you’re not satisfied with Everything, there’s More!
Also, I had trouble figuring out how to draw a box with Gimp, so I drew a crappy circle instead.
L4D Boomer Plushie: You can get it here!

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