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Just a quick dump of my impressions of RoE limited from the prerelease. I'll probably post a more detailed analysis later.

The RoE limited format is fun and it is slower than Zendikar, but you still need to keep an eye on your curve (even though that curve may now end with 7-8-9-and up instead of 5-6... ). Lots of ground stalls, so guys with evasion are much more valuable.

I think a good limited deck would revolve around a number of good leveler creatures, as these guys are basically must-kill before they get to the long game. Excellently designed and easy to underrate, you should probably play all the common levelers. Except possibly the common guys that have Level Up 4, they take forever to grow up. Good instant-speed removal is also pretty scarce, and a lot of it is sorcery speed, making levelers pretty good. (Hint: I don't consider Smite to be "good")

Totem Armor is pretty sweet too, and you need to note that only blue, white and black have common ways to get rid of guys with Totem Armors on. (Blue bounce, Oust, Induce Despair). I find Snake Umbra particularly annoying. I never want to give him extra cards!

Rebound is... well, extra spells are good I guess, and I actually saw someone get like 18 soldiers off Nomads Assembly, but the rebound cards are so few and far between and a lot of them have marginal effects. As a mechanic, it feels unnecessary and it doesn't seem to fit any of Zendikar's themes even. Maybe it'll be better in constructed? (Only Consuming Vapors seems promising to me though.)

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