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(Answer to "anong pinakamabigat na isyu na papanagutan ni GMA?") RT @ANCALERTS: Teodoro: I will not answer the question. May prinsipyo ako

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Roy Tang said...

ANCALERTS was posting on twitter live during the Youth 2010 forums earlier today. This was Gibo's response to the question on whether GMA should be held accountable, and kung ano ung pinakamabigat na issue. This man is basically applying for a job, and during the interview he says "I will not answer your question." Try it in your next interview! He's in a rough spot - if he says GMA is clean, voters will hate him. If he says GMA is corrupt, GMA/Lakas will hate him.

Dennis Garce said...

i think he will not win just by being affiliated with GMA