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We All Fall Short

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I haven’t been posting tournament reports lately, because frankly I haven’t been performing very well lately. Here are my last month and a half’s worth of results:

  • May 23/GPT Bangkok #1 (SCR sealed): 0-2 drop
  • May 31/GPT Bangkok #2 (SCR sealed): 2-3 drop
  • June 6/GPT Bangkok #3 (SCR sealed): 4-2
  • June 7/Standard (Bant Finest Hour): 2-3 drop
  • June 13/Standard-Nats Qualifier (Bant Finest Hour) 1-2 drop
  • June 20/Standard-Nats Qualifier (Bant Finest Hour) 1-2 drop
  • June 28/Standard-Nats Qualifier (BG Elves) 0-2 drop

As you can see, I decided to switch to BG Elves after a few more tournaments with Bant. Despite the very good regionals performance Bant gave me, the deck always felt far too draw-dependent and I was tired of taking like 7 damage a game from painlands. The last loss on June 20 was particularly painful as I had answers to the opponent’s threats but was a at one life with 5 painlands and a basic as my mana sources. =/

To be honest after the frustrating series of bad performances I was getting a bit tired of Magic ; I felt myself falling into a pattern of blaming the bad pairings and poor draws and I thought I needed a new perspective with a new deck.

BG Elves is almost as explosive and a lot more consistent than Bant, so it’s a fine choice, despite my poor showing last Sunday. My 2 losses then were very close and lost only due to the pilot’s poor playing skills.

Despite the setback, I felt a fresh new perspective, as I was humbly reminded that despite the bad draws, despite the bad pairings, it still ultimately comes down to how well you play, and that’s a factor that’s well within my control (or any other Magic player’s!)

I quote from Zac Hill/Pchapin: “Tight technical play decides more games of Magic than all other factors combined.”

We all fall short, but that shouldn’t stop us from striving for the perfect technical play.


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