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A Quick Evaluation of the Upcoming Rules Changes

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A couple of friends were over from Singapore last weekend, and we decided to hang out and open a few boxes of Shards block cards to play casual sealed/draft, using the new M10 rules so we could get a feel for it. We played 1 sealed and 2 drafts; I personally played in the equivalent of around 10 rounds of limited, and my observations are:

  • Number of times damage on the stack came up relevant: None
  • Number of times there was a double-blocking situation: One, but we forgot to order blockers and I just immediately used a trick to get rid of one blocker.

Among our group, 50% are actively playing competitively, so we can’t say that we were making bad strategic decisions, but really rule change #5 practically never came up.

(We also opened zero planeswalkers, only 1 [Maelstrom Pulse][1] and 1 [Noble Hierarch][2] et cetera. Not so good returns from the boxen in terms of cash cards… )

[1]: http://magiccards.info/autocard.php?card=Maelstrom Pulse [2]: http://magiccards.info/autocard.php?card=Noble Hierarch