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Alara Reborn Prerelease (for real this time)

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And so, our delayed prerelease. My sealed deck (at least after initial tweaks – it varies slightly from my submitted list):

And the rest of the pool:

This deck was doing well in between-rounds testing against decks that eventually went 3-1 and 4-0, however I did not fare so well in the actual games that count.

Round 1: 0-2 loss; first game I stabilized but then [Enigma Sphinx][1] blows me out. Second game is a mulligan to four.

Round 2: BYE. How frustrating; since this is the prerelease and I want to play, I’d rather lose a game than get a bye. Yay, free pack though.

Round 3: 1-2 loss; I won the 2nd game because he started the first few turns with 3 borderposts that I just hit with Pride-Mage into O-Ring into Maelstrom Pulse. I lost the first game because I didn’t draw white; I lost the 3rd game because I didn’t draw black.

Round 4: 2-1 win; good thing I had the Pride-mages to keep [Behemoth Sledge][2] in check, that card is a house.

Pretty terrible performance on my end, but I still had fun especially with the in-between games. Building a sealed deck in Alara block is hard, you’re probably going to lose at least one round to bad mana if you don’t watch what you’re doing. Having 80% of your deck be multicolor changes the math significantly, I’m thinking of writing an article about how to distribute your mana, if only so that I understand it better myself.

Next week: Release party!

[1]: http://magiccards.info/autocard.php?card=Enigma Sphinx [2]: http://magiccards.info/autocard.php?card=Behemoth Sledge