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Standard on April 4

I went to NG Galleria hoping for more practice with the 5cc deck from last week. I made some minor modifications: Maindeck -1 Plumeveil +1 Mulldrifter, Sideboard -1 Mulldrifter +1 Scourglass.

The aggro matchup seemed very solid already so I felt I could afford to lose the fourth Plumeveil. The fourth Mulldrifter would have been a land if I had any Exotic Orchard.

The tournament was small (barely twenty people), since the TO had split the usual Saturday tournament into one flight for people who arrived on time, and one flight for people who arrived late. Despite the small number of people, it still went to six rounds, with only the top four getting prizes.

My first two rounds went like this:

  • Round 1 0-2 loss vs R/G/W Planeswalkers
  • Round 2 1-2 loss vs Faeries

Very disheartening, but I didn't drop because I really wanted to get in more practice games. Besides, if I won the last 4 matches, I could still make top 4.

  • Round 3 2-0 win vs B/W Reanimator
  • Round 4 2-1 win vs R/W Reveillark
  • Round 5 2-1 win vs R/W Reveillark
  • Round 6 2-1 win vs 5-color control (mirror)

I punted the first game of the last round, because we were basically just laying down lands and drawing cards and I thought I was pretty safe until he Banefire'd me for 16 damage. Then he got manascrewed in the second and third game, so somehow I lucksacked my way into 3rd place and winning some packs with (mostly) crappy rares.

I think I'm good to go with 5cc for City Champs in two weeks, though I'm still very uncertain about the B/W Tokens matchup, and not sure if the additional Scourglass I put in will be enough. R/W Reveillark seems to be favorable, while the mirror match is also decent for me since I have built-in planeswalkers to win the long game. Faeries is around 50-50, I have to draw an aggressively defensive hand and keep them off Mistbind Cliques to win.

My prize packs had: Telemin Performance (foil), Master Transmuter, Blood Tyrant, Soul's Majesty, Worldheart Phoenix. Bah, I want Banefires or Exotic Orchards!

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