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For the record, I purchased an original R1 copy of Street Fighter IV for the PS3 last Tuesday, and we've been pretty much playing it whenever we had free time at home. The one time I came in late to work during the month of February was because of Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV came in with ridiculously high reviews for both the XBox 360 and PS3 versions, the PS3 version garnering a 94 (universal acclaim) on Metacritic It can't be denied that it's an awesome game, although not everyone agrees. I'm not going to discuss all the details of the game, you can click through the links above to read more.

One thing we always judge our fighting games on is the "random fighter selection" feature. SF3: Third Strike didn't have it, but CvS2 and we played that a lot more than SF3 (and we would have never played SF3 had our PS2 not given up on our CvS2 disk). SF4 has a random fighter selection feature, but it's a bit substandard since (a) You can cancel out of whatever selection it randomly gave you and (b) I got six Dhalsims out of seven randoms today! That's insane. Also, in versus mode you have to move the selection cursor back to the random slot when choosing the next fighter (mildly annoying)

Another neat feature: during versus matches, the game keeps tracks of continuous wins! Street Fighter sessions at home are generally won in a "five-in-a-row" basis, i.e. the first player to win five bouts in a row is considered the winner and the session ends. So this feature is pretty useful for us.

We've tried playing online, although as usual connection is crap between BayanDSL and PLDT players, and the majority of Pinoy players seem to be on PLDT. Surprisingly, my brother was getting good connection ratings for opponents from Japan! The matching features are okay, despite not having double-blind character selection (this more accurately reflects the arcade experience though!) One thing that seems neat although we haven't tried it yet -- when playing in arcade mode you can allow other online players to challenge you at any time, just like a real arcade game!

One last thing: Cammy's ultra is pretty sw33t.

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