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I reinstalled MTGO3 last week because I figured I could get some casual play out of it at least. After installation I found out that Conflux release events were this weekend so I might as well play, since I was not able to play IRL at this time. I was hoping MTGO3 had improved by now, and that they had sufficient server loading, etc. to handle the number of players without the servers being crashy and laggy and whatnot. No such luck of course. πŸ™‚ My sealed pool follows.

Pretty decent pool (if I do say so myself): ok removal, 3 pyroclasm effects, the white scepter which is good at board control. No blowout bombs, but quite possible to 6-1 or 7-0 with it. If only the pilot was someone much better than me...

I win round one, lose round two, win round three, then lose two in a row, taking me straight out of top eight contention. I win a tight round six, then the server knocks everyone offline; I get back on, but my round seven opponent does not, so free win. Final record: 4-3.

I made so many misplays I lost track of them already. Most of them were really minor stuff, such as:

None of the above plays set me behind so much, but the collective effect lost me some close games and led to the dismal record.

One thing I noticed is that I should stop checking out my opponent's rating at the start of my match, I've noticed that I have a subconscious tendency to make loose plays against opponents I perceive to be weaker, even if I'm only ahead by a few rating points. I need to be able to play tight all the time if I want to be a serious tournament contender.

Also, I've noticed there are cards that I'm not sure how to evaluate, such as Manaforce Mace, which I never use because it seems so slow at 4cc/3equip, but I got my ass whupped by that card in one of the games.

Playing Limited now feels so different from playing Limited back when I wasn't a serious tournament player; I now spot a lot more mistakes and see a lot more room for improvement in my game. Unlike constructed where there's a lot less variation in the number of interactions, in Limited basically anything can happen so you need to learn to react to a lot more situations. Maybe I should focus more on Limited again (if only it weren't so expensive!)

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Jaime said...

Wow, long time since I've played magic myself. Good thing you can keep up with the card upkeeps. And I guess just a bit more practice?

Also, Re: "I'm pretty sure giving it flying would make it an invalid target, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong", I think you're right, since the card states "deals 3 damage to target creature with/without flying" versus "Target a flying/non-flying creature, and Branching Bolt deals 3 damage to it."

Jaime said...

To clarify, the spell wouldn't fizzle, but it would deal no damage. Hmm. Magic Lawyering is tough stuff. Am I wrong in that you can theoretically target a non-flying creature with the flying component but it won't deal damage unless you can somehow give it flying before it resolves?

roy said...

If the target is not legal upon resolution, the spell will not resolve (fizzles)

You can't target a nonflyer with the flyer mode.

Daniel Duterte said...

Manaforce Mace is very playable when you have 4+ basic land types. I think it's also probably fine when you're only 3, but I wouldn't pick it very highly in the third pack.