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2009 February

  • watched SF: Legend of Chun-Li. It was pretty bad haha, but still better than the Van Damme one.

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  • been slightly dizzy these past few days. Mental energy drained.

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  • almost forgot not to eat meat

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  • played almost 3 hours of Street Fighter IV

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  • shocked at the Magic 2010 a good way

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  • bought a laptop cooling pad from CD-R king. Seems effective, and the fans aren't noisy as I expected

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  • reinstalled MTGO, will probably play in an online CON release event

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  • 💬 Reply to habeo's tweet:

    @habeo does that mean you've become stronger and now closer to becoming The One?

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  • fixed the internet!

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  • am on dial-up. let's take it slow, so slow.

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    @mikong where are you working na?

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  • Stylesheet Switcher using Django

    You may have noticed the new color scheme and new "Theme Switcher" widget in the sidebar. I had done some CSS work during the past month in the office and it made me want to tweak the stylesheets on this site a bit. I figured I might as well make it easy to switch stylesheets, so I wrote a small Theme Switcher django app. (Well, it's more of a stylesheet switcher I guess) The model is simple: class Theme(models.Model): slug = models.SlugField() title = models.CharField(max_length=250) css_path = models.CharField(max_length=500) def __str__(self): return self.title I only needed one view -- to switch

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  • Street Fighter IV: My Fist Ur Face

    Fun little widget from Capcom allows you to put yourself into an SFIV battle video. Here's me as Ryu! Street Fighter IV is out next week, hopefully we'll be slinging fireballs by next weekend!
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  • Zed Shaw -- the ACL is Dead

    Excellent talk given at the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference (CUSEC) last year (2008). The presenter is Zed Shaw who's a famous Ruby guy or something. The video is around 70 minutes long. The first part of the talk is mostly about a Document Management System he worked on, kinda interesting, but the second part is better where he talks about people who program cool things as a hobby and how to avoid becoming just another corporate code. Oh, and I really just wanted to test my OEmbed implementation on this here Django-powered blog :p Got the video via Leah

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  • is wearing dice on my head since 2008

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  • 💬 Reply to altealice's tweet:

    @altealice also thinking of getting my parents a netbook, but won't older people have a problem with the small monitor? does it have office?

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  • πŸ”— Firefox/Thunderbird Extension Wizard via delicious
  • Star Ocean: Second Evolution

    Amazingly, despite my work schedule I still managed to finish a rather old-school RPG. I finished Star ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP today, clocking in 30 hours of playtime. I have to say I quite enjoy playing RPGs on handhelds. RPGs are usually rather long games so it's nice being able to handle them in bite-sized chunks while commuting, et cetera. Star Ocean: The Second Story was probably one of the best Japanese RPGs to come out of the Playstation era, despite the lackluster translations of that time (hey, it was pre-year 2000, all translations were pretty bad then!)

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  • Magic the Puzzling: Nicol Bolas

    At the Conflux release event, we were given posters of the four planeswalkers fighting againt big, bad Nicol Bolas. It got a friend and I talking: could Nicol Bolas actually win against the four planeswalkers? The situation is: Player A controls Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, at starting loyalty. Player B controls Ajani Vengeant, Tezzeret the Seeker, Elspeth, Knight-Errant and Sarkhan Vol, all at starting loyalty. Assuming each player has no other permanents and they cannot play any other spells. They can only use the planeswalker abilities. The goal is to destroy all planeswalkers on the opposing side. If player A goes

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